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mixed chicks

Leave-in Conditioner


Kayla T.

I was so excited to find this product when I did. I was moving out of the "ponytail stage" and wanted to wear my hair down more. But sadly this did nothing on my Mixed hair! The changes I saw were very minor and I actually found my hair looking better when I used my regular Pantene. However, it did work wonder on my all white mom....yay?

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Corina G.
Amazing for mixed hair!

I am half black , mexican , native, and white and my hair is frizzy with alll kinds of curls. my hair has passed my beltline and Mixed chicks is a must. It is light and a great styler. my hair is no longer frizzy or damaged and it looks great every time!

Yvonne P.
love it!

BUT at least for me i have to use a ton of it for it to work. It was a gift so I don't mind but i think it was expensive :/

Danielle P.
This leave in is fantastic!

Check my review I did on this on my channel, . Although this does make my hair a little bit hard if I use too much, I use this conditioner on my extensions daily. Subscribe to my channel, and stay tuned for a giveaway!

Curly Ummi U.
Really defines my curls.

I was told about this product by a friend in 2008. I decided to try it after my hair started growing back in and my hair was long enough to see my natural curl. So since March 2009 when I had a TWA which by the way made my curls pop and shine. After my hair grew in the definition just got even better.

When using this product it should be used on wet hair and scrunch the hair up and let it air dry, once it drys smooth your hands over your curls to release the crunch and you will have bouncy, soft curls. I mean swing your head curls as if I got a roller set.

Deborah B.
Very, Very Good

This is my second favorite leave in conditioner. You will not be disappointed with any of the Mixed Chicks products. Bonus: The products are natural. This conditoner gives just the right amount of moisture for curls without the oily residue. The smell is great too.

Jalaina S.

My daughter has super thick and curly hair. This is the only thing that I have found that leaves her curls managable and not oily. I use the entire regimine on her hair now. She's gone from frizzy hair to beautiful curls.

Aniko F.
Very Moisturizing!

If you have multi racial curly hair this product NEEDS to be in your life. It gives so much moisture back into my hair and gives life to my super dry curls! I always make sure to have this product under my sink!

Danielle J.

This is a good leave in conditioner and it does what it suppose to do as far as curls and definition, but with heat styles like blow dryers and flat irons I recommend not to use it with those other than that this is a good product.

Laaya A.

I've used this about three or four times already and I love it. I'm currently using it and It defines your curls instead of giving you frizz (if you have curly hair) and it's for all hair types! I used to use mousse a lot, but it dries out my hair quickly. Another good thing about this product is that it has good ingredients for your hair so it keeps it from being dry as well. Overall, this product gives good results to my hair and I love it!