Nail Lacquer


Monica M.
Disco Lights!!!
Photo of product included with review by Monica M.

I am loving this bright pink sparkly nail polish! I would have never expected this much joy out a nail polish, especially by Milani! Most sparkly nail polishes are not very opaque but this is pretty solid glitter after two or three coats! I love the consistency of this polish and that the brush flares when brushing across my nail, acting like a larger brush (Though not as large as OPI brushes) One down side to this is the smell. It smells strongly of spray paint! I have not tried many other colors but I would definitely check out "Disco Lights!"

Nina L.
new obsession

Nail polish has been my thing lately, since frankly - I only have one face.... BUT 10 fingers :) and Milani has proven itself surprisingly awesome. I definitely would say that this is completely worth the $5.50 you would spend.

Shinay W.
Love These.

i love these! even their collection nail polishes are pretty amazing for the quality :] i have these in a few colors and they all seem pretty opaque after one coat. i love the finish and they really are long lasting and keep their shine for about a week for me, and i do a lot with my hands just throughout one day, one of my favorite drugstore nail polishes :]

Peyton Lin C.
It's a hit or miss...

I don't have the products with me right now but my mother had brought three of Milani's Nail Lacquers in a light french pink, black, and a berry pink. Two of which(the french pink and black) are pictured above but I can't quite remember the color names.

The problem I have with these polishes is it's inconsistancy, one nail polish might be great, pigmented, just the right thickness, and everything good while another could be terribly pigmented, far too runny, and just no good.

For example, the berry color was fantastic. The product was just the right amount of thick and you only needed one coat! The black though, was a whole other story.

When I putted it on, it was runny and extremely sheer, so sheer it was a brown instead of black. You could even see the marks where there is abit more product(darker) and where there is less(see through dirty brown.) It seems no matter how many layers I put in, it always looked sheer, dirty, and messy. I'm not a fan of that look.

However, a redeeming point is that these polishes are cheap and are often on sale at CVS! This way, the misses aren't too much of a loss and the hits are a great find.

Overall, I'm slightly dissapointed but I'd purchase again for the berry color and maybe try out other colors.

Ashlee P.
Needs Help

I've always wanted a yellow color, and this color looked so bright and pretty in the bottle, but when I went to use it it looked like my nails were infected! Not much pigmentation at all! The only way to make it look good was to use a white color underneath it. Not liking it at all.

Christina L.
Photo of product included with review by Christina L.

For a drug store polish and for the price, it is okay, but it's nothing special. It dries a bit unevenly, no matter how even you try to paint. It's definitely opaque though, and the color quality, at least for the white one I own, is pretty decent. I don't think I would re-purchase though. I would stick with Sinful Colors.

Chris S.

This is a nice shade of red, so it's a shame that the formula is so bad. You need at least 4 coats to make this shade look semi-opaque, and it tends to be very streaky so you might really need 5 or 6 coats. It also takes forever to dry. Lots of layers + slow drying time = a recipe for disaster! My nails have been ruined every time I used this polish no matter how long I waited for them to dry. Every little bump and scratch shows up, even days after you painted your nails.

My biggest problem with this polish is something I have never seen with any other brand. The color leaves a big red streak behind if you rub your nail against any hard surface!!! This is a HUGE problem that should NOT happen. I never want to see little red streaks on important papers or clean white surfaces, but I've seen them all over the place after wearing this polish! Putting one or two layers of top coat or another polish on top of the Milani polish eliminates this problem, but it shouldn't be a problem in the first place! This is definitely not a wear-and-go brand.

On top of all the other problems, this polish starts to chip after about two days of wear. Not worth whatever money I spent on it. This polish is really only useable if you use another polish/base coat first AND if you use another polish/top coat over it. Even then, you still have to deal with the lengthy drying time and inevitable bumps and scratches. That's a lot of work for one color! I won't be buying Milani nail polish again.