Lip Flash


Samantha G.
Super bold!

I was not sure what this was going to be like buying it. But I'm glad I did! It goes on super well and easy and I love the LOOK AT ME color. :)

Victoria D.
Not bad!

I bought this in 'News Flash' (a dark, cranberryish purple color, not listed here) because I was looking for something a little gothy for a show I was going to. (I'm a total Goth kid at heart xD) And I loved it! The color was stunning, and it glided on my lips so easily. Lip liner isn't even necessary! It has the lasting power of about 3-4 hours on me, through normal eating, drinking, talking etc. So it does need to be re-applied. But application is a breeze with the pencil, so touch ups can be done in seconds.

Kim M.

My local Walgreens had a sale on most of the makeup in stock so I got this for $2.99! I would have bought more but I was afraid that I wouldn't like it... I thought wrong! This thing is super pigmented and has a killer shine! It is a little on the sticky side but the color is amazing! It does contain some "sparkles" but you can't feel them. (I hate when I rub my lips together and feel particles!) I didn't have to reapply this product so it stays put all day long. I would buy thing again & again! The only reason I didn't give it the full "5-star rating" is due to the sticky factor.

Christina L.

I bought this after watching a tutorial by vintageortacky on YouTube and I love it! I used it with a cranberry lip liner, blended out and I used a pink lip gloss over that. I don't use it too often because it can be a little much for day looks, but I did like it. It felt nice on my lips, it lasted a long time and the color pigmentation is crazy awesome.

Madison M.

I got Star Flash (a light pink) and Hot Flash (a deep red) They're both beautiful! I don't like pink that much, but Star Flash is great for a softer, brighter make-up look while Hot Flash is awesome for elegant, mysterious nighttime looks. Hot Flash brings out the cracks in my lips tho, but it looks great when sketched over a bright red lipstick.

Myrna P.

I guess it is ok. I tried Star Flash and it was too opalish looking...if that makes any sense lol. Reminds me of the nail polish white opal and I just think it is too light.

Ashley M.
Bold and Sparkly
Photo of product included with review by Ashley M.

I adore these lip crayons! they are SO bright and colourful and glide on very smoothly. They don't dry out your lips at all, they actually feel like a gloss of very soft lipstick. Due to that however, the colour does come off rather easily. I find that the glitter stays but the colour goes after eating of drinking. I'm wearing Flashy in the attached photo.