EYE TECH Liquid Liner


Nikki H.

I love this liquid liner. It is very black and it stays put all day. when i first got it i thought it was going to smudge and rub off like my other liquid liners do so i put a swatch on my hand and did dishes and other things around the house and put a jacket on so that was touching it and it was still there 6 hrs later

Annie S.

This product is nothing like the Infinite Liquid liner. The Eye Tech liner is actually one of the best black liquid liners ive tried! The felt tip helps it glide on so smooth and even. A total must have.

Alicia H.
Love at first sight and then.....

I loved this liquid eyeliner in the beginning , It was easy to apply and then after the 4th use the liquid wouldn't come out like it did before. So i thought hit ran out and then the next day it was back to the way it used to be, all nice and liquidy. This eyeliner was good in the beginning and now it just pretty much sucks :(

Shade M.
Photo of product included with review by Shade M.

The Milani Eye tech eye liner is one of the best eyeliners I have tried by far. I have it in the color brown. It has a felt tip which applies the eyeliner very well. With one swipe and allow it to dry for 5 seconds it's not coming off. It's very good smudge proof eyeliner. Highly recommended.

Adriana M.

I really like this little gadget, it glides on nice and stays put all day. I've never had any trouble with it or have anything negative to say about it I just wish it had more product! Its just so small and I use it almost everyday :)

Liz M.
So far so good!

I haven't owned this product for too long, but so far it's been my go to liquid eyeliner. In trying to prevent wrinkles around my eyes by stretching the eyelid I've turned to liquid eyeliner to line my top lash line. This liner has a nice felt tip and is pretty forgiving when you're trying to line your eyes. Some eyeliners are too sensitive that one little movement will make your line out of wack, but not this one. I'm just hoping mine doesn't dry out like others have mentioned.

Nicole B.

Upon first use, this product has the best applicator of any liquid liner I've ever tried, but after about 15 uses, the felt tip began to dull. The product also dried out very quickly. I've had the product maybe a month and it is already pretty dry. However, because I like the applicator so much, I would buy this product again.

Andrea H.

i wasn't sure why people were giving such great reviews on this. i was so disappointed because I needed an amazing liquidliner. it basically removed my eyeshadow, and didn't go on as dark as i thought. I ended up layering another liquid liner on top to darken it. I couldn't even make wings because the tip seemed to pick up the eyeshadow i was wearing. i dunno, maybe i got a bad one.

Dana A.
Thanks but no thanks

Not the blackest black on the market. watery formula which dries out in days to weeks. Sponge tip no sturdy enough and eventually puff up. Tiny amount of product in the pen.

the packaging is beautiful, applicator not the worst, not too fine not too thick. If it was more sturdy I would have used it to apply my other liquid eyeliners, but oh well. Learnt my less.

Emma Kirstine K.
Waste of money

So when I got this I got quite exited, because swatches were so pigmented. But when I used it the first time I saw it had poor to no staying power. It dried up on me within a month or so, not even using it on daily basis. So straight away i went back to my Jordana FabuLiner which I like much better, and is even cheaper. I think the Jordana liner is 1 dollar or so, has much better staying power, better pigmentation, easier to use, and holds up for at least 5 months a pen. So my conclusion on this product is that there is lots of better liners out there for half of the price. What a bummer!