Brow Tint Pen


Julianne J.
Meh, might like it later

I got this on a total whim/impulse, but since it was cheap and I was obsessed with brow stuff at the time, I got it. Usually I try the product I got out 3, 5 or more times before I review it, but this I only tried once. I can see the appeal- nice fine tip/precision, etc. But I got the wrong color, and I almost wanted the pen to be more pigmented and liquidy, and wanted to use it with a heavier hand. I felt like I would need to take a lot of time filling anything in or just shaping because not a lot comes out of the tip and its too thin. Almost too much of a good thing. I have other products I use for brows that I really like, so this wasn't too much of a blow. However, I am known to trying something out and not liking it, only to try it later and like/love it.

Suzie B.

Love this brow tint pen! The tip makes outlining the bottom of my brows so easy, and it makes it look so clean! No need for applying concealer to clean up around the edges. I just line the bottom of my eyebrows, then fill in the rest with a powder. It looks so natural, but gives a very defined look at the same time. LOVE it.

Jessicajxoxo Z.
Love Love Love

I love this brown Pen its Long Lasting and Looks Natural I Usually use it to outline my eyebrows because the pen is so thin very precise and than i go with powder to fill it in or a brown pencil i will deff be buying this pen again and i deff recommend it ! 5/5