Black Magic Blackened Eye Liner and Eye Glimmer


Holly K.

1. The one that I have has a black liner on one end and silver glitter on the other end. I bought this around Halloween several years ago and I am glad I did. The liner side is fantastic! It is the softest eyeliner I have ever bought. Most eyeliners you have to push hard on your waterline or it won’t go on, but this liner you just have to touch it to your waterline and the color is opaque. It lasted quite a long time as well. I did have to reapply and clean up around the middle of the day, but I have bad allergies so this is to be expected. The glitter side of the eyeliner is terrible. The glitter does not really come off onto the skin unless you press really hard and that destroys your makeup. If Milani created a full size version of the eyeliner side, I would definitely buy a million of them. They are just that good.

Laurie M.
really like it

i really like the black one with the white colored sparkles the glitter on these isnt that great but the eyeliner part is great for your waterline,. i also really like the darker blue in this i havent tried any of the other colors

Victoria D.
I'll take half

I have this in 'blackened teal', and the eyeliner side is GORGEOUS! It's a deep black, that has a beautiful teal shine to it, I use it on my waterline constantly. It goes on smoothly, way smoother than I was expecting it to. However, the glitter end of the pencil is pretty much useless. If you try to use it, you either remove any color/makeup that was underneath it, and there is hardly any glitter that shows up. I've tried using the blackened eyeliner, then the glitter overtop of it, and it looks like I did nothing. Maybe 3 or 4 flecks of glitter show up! But for the shimmering liner, it's totally worth it! I used it on my waterline in the attached picture!