Baked Eye Shadow Metallic


Victoria D.
Love them wet!

I have a few of these I picked up on sale. They look gorgeous in the pans, so I was drawn to them. Dry, they go on so pretty. Shimmery, pigmented, and blendable. But as soon as you use them wet, they turn into something completely different. Something AMAZING! Using these wet gives you the most beautiful, pigmented, foiled look ever. They are intense, and perfect for the lid or as an eyeliner. I hardly use them dry unless it's to set the wet color. If you haven't used them wet yet, you're missing out!

Lea S.
Love Em

They reminded me of the new MAC Shadows! I love the way they go on wet or dry ! They have a lot of pigment and blend nicely. I plan on purchasing more! I would totally recommend them! Worth the money!

Lee-Lee P.
Not the best

I didnt really like the way the color went on. It looked like a gorgeous red with gold glitter but it came on like rust. It is great for blending and pretty pigmented but I was just not happy with the color.

Letikia T.
very nice !

I love how they go on nicely and the makeup looks i have seen done with this eyeshadow is just great. I would recommend this product to friends and family. Very nice quality.

Shade M.
Higly Pigmented
Photo of product included with review by Shade M.

I have the color Teal the truth and I tell you no lie; it's a very pigmented eye shadow. It's silky smooth and not chalky. Teal the truth has a bit of shimmer but not a overwhelming amount of it, it also does creases. The baked eyeshadow has a allot of product, so you get your monies worth. For a drugstore product, it gets a A from me.

Damary M.

Highly pigmented! Awesome colors! Unlike other cheaper drugstore brands, they're not chalky. They go on silky smooth and because of that, they blend very well.

Unfortunately, I feel the packaging should be modernized a bit. It didn't deter me from purchasing this amazing shadow though. It goes to show even though makeup products are in sleek packaging, it doesn't mean it's of great quality. I've definitely been a victim of that.