Baked Bronzer Glow


Marcia M.

Perfectly pigmented with a soft glow. Some bronzers can be over glittery. I love this baked bronzer. Next To MAC Gold deposit this is my favorite! I have to be honest. It is one of my go to bronzers for myself and my clients.

Mandy M.

This is a great bronzer, I loved it. The tone maches my skin really nicely :)

When you apply it with brushes the shimmer kind of go way... my tip is to apply the product and after apply a little bit more with your finger. This way you'll have shimmer :)

Here is a review about it:

Amber R.
These are great!
Photo of product included with review by Amber R.

I really like these bronzers, especially the one in Glow. I wish I had gotten Soleil instead of Golden though because I think Golden it too dark for my skin. But all the bronzers have a peachy undertone, so they look very natural on you! Full review and swatches at

Jennifer Z.

This bronzer is hands down the best everyday bronzer I own. I reach for it all the time and It is great for all seasons to get a beautiful sun kissed glow. Its is kind of a warm orangy/ light tan color, it has shimmer (but not as much as the baked blushes) which I like because the blushes have a little bit to much shimmer for my taste, it blends like a dream, its smooth and not chalky at all. It just gives a warm glow to the face and its beautiful, it will compliment any skin tone. I dont know how I ever did without it =]

Tammy J.
Good Product

Love the bronzer, compliments all skintones, I actually ended up purchasing this bronzer when I was unable to find the one I normally use, but I had desperatly needed bronzer to highlight and it looked like one of the better ones that wasn't too shimmery...

Courtney P.
Pretty, delicate bronze

I picked this up a couple of weeks ago at CVS, and as soon as I tried it on it earned a place in my daily makeup routine! Now when I'm doing my standard, natural day makeup I just sweep it over my cheeks, around my hairline, and a little along my jaw. This is definitely more for adding a healthy allover glow; this is not at all suited to contouring because of the shimmer and the peachy undertones. However, the shimmer in this is actually really subtle. I used to be afraid of using shimmering face products at all because I thought they would look overly fake or like pre-teen body glitter. This just has a subtle sheen and doesn't come off as sparkly. It's like one step shimmerier than a satin texture.

The one thing I'm not nuts about is the packaging (hence why I gave it 4.5 instead of 5 stars). It's really bulky and the mirror/brush compartment always opens at annoying times while I'm using it. Normally I would solve that problem by de-potting it, but weirdly enough, it looks like there's no metal pan in there. Oh well, I'm willing to go through the extra annoyance for such a gorgeous product!

Kristen A.
Extremely stunning shade that could work for anyone!
Photo of product included with review by Kristen A.

"Soleil" is one of the three Baked Bronzers Milani has on the market and is the medium shade. The lightest shade is "Glow" and the darkest shade is "Golden". Though "Soleil" is the medium shade, and most definitely looks dark in the pan, I was pleasantly surprised to see it isn't too much for my fair skin! I needed to go over about four times to build up the color for a swatcg. When applied with the included brush, you could barely tell I applied anything.

When applied to my fair skin, Milani's Baked Bronzer in "Soleil" leaves a touch of golden color and sheen. The shimmer isn't terribly noticeable and I found the color was really hard to overdo. I swatched "Soleil" wet versus dry and, though when wet it is more intense, the application/finish didn't differ all that much.

Milani Cosmetics' Baked Bronzer in 05 "Soleil" is extremely stunning and I feel it's a shade that could work for anyone. I love how it isn't intense and the shimmer isn't gaudy. It's buildable, while remaining wearable. Though, given the shimmer throughout, I wouldn't recommend "Soleil" for contouring.

green w.
All-year round bronzer!

The color is peachy-brown gold, but since I'm not super fair, it does not show its color strongly on my skin but just a hint of nice glow. When I want to have the color more visible and long-lasting, 3 or 4 swipes of brush allow me to get the result. To me, it's more like a highlighter than just a bronzer. The packaging is also impressive for the price:)

Radiant J.
Awesome Glow

I love this bronzer! It gives my cheeks a great glow! I use this daily to highlight my cheeks and nose. Gives a great sun-kissed look. Shows up very nicely on camera also!

Lisiana J.
Beautiful! Similar to lorac bronzers!

Very pigmented. Beautiful shimmery bronzer. It's a must have in my collection. It is not expensive definitely a bang for your buck. Great fro dry skin and winter. If you have oily skin dont use this in the summer.