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Mineral Foundation Powder


Stephanie B.
beautiful coverage

This is a very finely, pigmented loose powder foundation which a little goes a long way. I don't like the price of it which is $65.00. However, it was worth it and this is the product i'll use if I'm in a hurry and I only have time to put on powder foundation.

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Christina D.
I absolutely love every product from Micabella

I wear this product regularly and it does not clog my pores and cause me to have the breakouts I once had using other popular brand products. Each container does last quite a long time...for me about 6-8 months. I wear it 2-4 days a week. I recommend using a good moisturizer underneath and applying this product with a brush.

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Lani W.
Best Powder, Lasts Forever

I've had my container for like idk, 8 months or more? It lasts forever! I wear makeup about 3 days a week. Its sits well on my skin which bare minerals does not. and no talc! all minerals! made from mica. hence the name.

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Cameron R.
Really Nice!

My Mom purchased two of of this while she was visiting Los Angeles last year and she got this product as well as their bronzer in neutral for me and the foundation some blushes and shadow pigments for herself. I really liked the way this sat on my skin after blending with my Sigma F82. It gives really natural medium coverage that is definitely buildable if you need the extra coverage. It finishes pretty matte, but since I have oily skin and use a heavy moisturizer it dulled to a satin finish within 5 minutes and looked great. It doesn't look fake or made up like some powder/mineral products tend to do. I had no problems with the packaging, it's a very simple but effective and sleek clear container with a matte black lid. I have used Bare Minerals before which I strongly dislike for so many reasons, and this performs load better. I would give this 5 stars, but $65.00 for a mineral foundation is steep even for me.

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Priscilla L.
love this make up

Of course i would not spend $65 I got my 1st mica mineral foundation 1yr ago for xmas at the mall for $45 and even at that price i thought it was expensive... So on friday, sept.2013 i went to the santa fe springs swapmeet in california... I seen the exact same make up and i asked the people how much was there product he told me $25 so heck yes i bought it its the exact same brand...now thats wat i call smart shopping

Mercedes D.

I'm a fan of loose powders and this powder has lasted me for quite sometime - almost a year. It has amazing coverage, however it easily can appear cakey even with the most sheer amount.

Cheyenne H.

I was pulled aside by a lady at the kiosk in the mall for this product and she imideately told me that my skin was very oily and that this "foundation" would work so much better than my liquid and powder foundation I use together. She put it on half of my face and I was amazed because it looked exactly like my liquid foundation just not oily. So I decided to buy it and the lady showed me how to apply it on the other half of my face. Later in the day I noticed my skin still looked pretty matte except for my T zone which is where I normally get oily anyways so it wasn't that big of a deal. I have very problematic skin with acne and when the lady applied this foundation to my face I was so amazed because it covered it up even better than my liquid did. But the next day when I went to put it on myself, I did exactly what she told me to do and it looked nothing like the way the lady had done it and resembled almost just a powder instead of a full coverage foundation like I was told it was. I would not recommend this product to anyone who has something they want to cover up.