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Eye Dust


Valencia F.
Medusa is gorgeous!

I have a variety of pigments from Medusa and this company is not getting the accolades it deserve. I doubted that this dust could do what it said because I'm a big MAC user but it proved itself to be true. The powdery pigments are so explosive when it comes to color and pop. I recommend that if you are into blending and mixing colors to try this. You will not be disappointed. I use their Stick It base because it is clear and it doesn't deviate from the essence of the application.

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Mindy R.
Oh Medusa, how I love thee....

I've been using Medusa's Makeup products for years and it astonishes me how little this brand gets mentioned. The eye dusts are absolutely insane...your choice of 48 loose pigments ranging from golds and coppers to NEON yellows and blues....all for SIX BUCKS. But MM doesn't stop there. They also have 48 shades of loose glitter for the same six dollar price tag and pressed eyeshadows for eight dollars. MM is also getting into mascara, lipglosses, brushes, makeup bags....all so cute and so dang cheap! Cheap does not mean bad quality, these eye dusts especially are so pigmented and can be used so many different ways. I've always had great customer service ordering from MM and they ship uber fast. C'mon girls, get the word out! Get yourself some Medusa's Makeup Eye Dusts (and anything else they have that tickle your fancy) and you won't be disappointed.

Anna W.
Bright at a nice price.

How do more people not know about these? They're incredible.

These are some of the most silky smooth, pigmented powdered shadows you will find. The colors are amazing. They last all day without fading. They are a cinch to apply, mix and blend. THEY ARE ONLY $6.

If you're into colors--and lots of them--then you really should give these a try. Not a single one of the 20 colors I own is a letdown. Each one applies true to color, and because they're loose powders, it's a cinch to mix them into lip colors, nail polishes, hair gels or with mixing medium or eyedrops to create eyeliners and paints.

The only thing I'd say is that they don't really do neutrals. But honestly, they don't need to. As long as they keep making 'Big Bird' 'Purple Rain' and 'Flamingo' I will love them forever. ...and did I mention that they're $6? Because they are. And that should be all the convincing you need to try one. Might I recommend 'Soylent Green'?

Sarah M.
Nearly Perfect

A fan of mine of facebook bought me the "essentials kit" which came with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, copper, black with blue sparkles and white with gold sparkles and I'm completely in love. The kit also came with all the brushes offered, two makeup bags, a primer and an eyeliner seal. The primer is horrible! It actually caused the makeup to crease, and the eyeliner seal, which was meant to be used with the detail brush and the eye dust was alright, but the dusts themselves are wonderful and they've lasted me a long time. I use them almost every day and I'm considering ordering more for myself.

Rachel D.
Fun colors would like more matte

The colors definitely are nice but would love it if they came in matte as well would be even more amazing but overall a good color and the company itself ships fast and sends free goodies!

Arait M.

I have tried all these colors and they are very pigmented, I would suggest use a base i use NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk and the colour pay off is great, also I don't tend to lose/use as much product as I would previously. urban decay potion primer is a good choice as well but the milk really enhances the colour