Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara

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Ashleigh M.

i love this mascara! i think it is really good in the hot weather since it is water proof and lasts very long. this mascara doesn't clump, but i find it doesn't make my lashes the longest they could be. otherwise amazing!

Anna D.
The Best Drugstore Mascara!

This is the best mascara ever! It lasts all day and it doesn't smudge and run down my face. It's pretty hard to get off when I go to remove my make up, but that's what makes it a good mascara! This was my go-to mascara when I went to Vietnam and it was so handy! (: Absolutely love it.

Wicked Y.

The best mascara I ever used! Been using this one for years... :) It's best feature is that it is smudge proof and gives that instant curl after a few applications...