Natural Perfecting Concealer

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Abi H.
One of my favorite concealers!

This concealer is wonderful on SO many levels. The consistency is a bit creamier than other concealers I've tried but it works well. Plus, the Ivory shade has the perfect yellow undertones to cancel out the purple that develops under my eyes. It blends with amazing quality too! I would highly recommend this concealer.

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Rebecca M.
Fav concealer

I got this concealer this year at the clearance rack in rite aid for $1! Omg I absolutely love this concealer. It wears all day without even having to set it and the color pay off is awesome.

Kikikulala L.

i like this very much, very smooth application.


This is very opague and very pigmented. For liquid concealer, this one has a great coverage. I use this for my under eye circle and it makes my under eye circle disappear without making the area cakey. It blends very well and it makes my skin look like I have no makeup on!

Grace H.
worth it's price

a good concealer, i've stuck to it for years now. generally i find it's best for under eyes or small blemishes; using a slightly lighter tone than your actual skin colour gets rid of most dark circles etc. and gives you a healthy look, however, it could be better on top of spots. but then again if they were to thicken it people would complain about using it under their eyes, so you're better off just buying another concealer for spots. also, it gives a satin look and feel once applied so doesn't enhance any dry skin you may have which is an issue for me. it's cheap, and one tube lasts for AGES. thoroughly recommend!

Natty G.
Thats very good drugstore concealer brand !!!

Its very easy to b applied under eyes. The texture is kinda creamy so that i gotta use the little amount . But it can conceal my dark circle and some imperfection on my face very well... I think i bought it 4 times already ... Love it!!!

Mary Anne M.
Used 4 Tubes Total

When my acne scars were very visible and I used to wear mineral foundation, I always used this concealer in 40 Sand, which for some reason was very hard to find in my local drugstores so I always had to order it online. I bought this repeatedly because the coverage was medium to full coverage, and because I have a bit of a bias for Maybelline products. I also have a gold/yellow undertone, and this concealer in Sand didn't look too off on my skin tone like it did in the other concealer shades from this line did. The staying power was pretty decent as well if I applied this before applying mineral foundation, in which it would somewhat set the concealer at the same time.

I used a pretty good amount of this concealer back when I used it; I used to dot it in around 3-5 areas of my face as well as under my eyes almost everyday, so the value of this product was stretched to about 6–9 months before I had to order a new tube. I wish that this came in a squeeze tube packaging; I would have liked it more, because sometimes you're about to run out of product but you can see that there's still some left in the stick tube, yet the concealer wand can't reach it. It kind of feels like a waste, knowing how few dots of it I even needed and how long I could still use the same tube for.

I no longer use concealers because my acne scars have cleared up and I generally no longer break out in acne, but if I were to purchase another concealer again I would usually default back to this one.

Kathryn V.

This works really well for covering acne, but the lightest shade is too dark for me. :( I use it when I'm desperate for some more coverage. There is definitely a lot of pigmentation.

Kimberly O.
Love it

Out of all concealers I have ever tried this has to be on eof my favorites. applies nicely, dries nicely & provides decent coverage. Only downfall is that by the end of the day it did crease and some lines were made very apparent

Elize M.
Pretty Good!

Applies smooth, dries nice but I did notice by the end ofthe day it was lookin creasy..