Lash Discovery Mini-Brush Waterproof Mascara

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Laurel S.

Love, love, love! My go to lengthening mascara! The small brush allows you to reach every single lash, giving you a natural looking boost. This also works great for your bottom lashes. I bent the tip to a 45? angle, making it easy to reach even the most miniscule lashes

Angel F.
good for hard to reach thin asian lashes

the brush is perfect for reaching barely there lashes esp the lower eyelashes. it does not clump on me, builds definition pretty well. no complaints about this! I love it! its cheap but good quality

Kathy P.
HG Mascara for beauty lovers with short lashes!

I personally do not have short lashes, but I'm plagued by my outer corner lashes that are ridiculously hard to coat mascara with. It was only until I found this mascara, my lashes are exactly how I wanted them to be.

The formula is great. It's not particularly voluminous, but it is very lengthening. It doesn't make your lashes feel crunchy at all - your lashes are very soft to the touch. The formula didn't give me any smudging or raccoon eyes.

The wand is my favourite part of the mascara. It's extremely thin and small. It's not only perfect for my upper lashes, but my lower lashes as well.

Who would I recommend this to? People with short lashes or want to add length (not volume) to their lashes.

Kerri H.

Honestly, I've had this mascara for such a long time, and it's amazing! The brush is small (which some people may not like) but I don't mind it because it allows me to get into hard to reach places. It doesn't clump, and it goes on smoothly. It makes your lashes look more fuller, and it really is a great product! I'm actually wearing it right now - I have nothing bad to say about it!

Chris P.
Small Eyed Solution

I have fairly small eyes, but that comes with being partially Japanese. My lashes are average, not extremely long or thick, but also not thin and frail. 95% of mascara brushes are far too difficult to use, as most of them are the size of my actual eye. It was so frustrating to have to carefully weave in and around different parts of my eye in order to get a bit of mascara on my lashes. This mascara is the answer to my prayers. The brush is about double the size of the Clinique Bottom Lash mascara, so it's super easy to evenly coat your lashes. Anyone who has small eyes needs to check this out as soon as possible! The formula is lovely, although not as volumizing as most other mascaras. However, it does give length, definition, and holds my curl really well. LOVE THIS MASCARA!

Shari P.
Perfect for bottom and hard to reach lashes

What can I say? The formula is good, the brush is great and can catch and define those lashes at the inner corners as well as the bottom lashes which a big, thick brush cannot do as well. Another staple in my makeup bag.