Great Lash Washable Mascara

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Ariel L.
Royal Blue!
Photo of product included with review by Ariel L.

I like this mascara, it was one my first ones I used when I first started wearing makeup. I recently got it in Royal Blue (one of my favorite colors for eyes) and it's awesome! I really didn't think it would be that bright in color but it actually is. You may have to put a couple coats of it but other than that I love the color and i'm glad I purchased it. I did a fun look with it and added royal blue shadow along my bottom lashes just for more pop. Very fun color(:

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Sidney R.

Personally, I really love this mascara! I have the color blackish-brown and I love it. Just because I love the formula and the brush. I really don't like waterproof mascara! That's why I love great lash, because it's not waterproof. It's really amazing and it comes off very easy! I would really recommend this product.

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Beck H.

This mascara has been around forever. I like it in brown for a natural look. I think it's funny that people are bashing it so hard core. Almost everyone has bought this mascara at one point or another.

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Kristina C.

I love all of Maybelline Mascaras, but I really love this one. Great coverage, right amount of liquid, separates lashes well, and when you wear two or three coats....forget falsies! This mascara ALONG with MAC and Dior are the only ones in my makeup kit for clients!

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Haley E.

I love Maybelline mascaras in general---but I do love this! :) I work the brush to get my lashes how I like them. I naturally have long lashes already, this just gives them some oomph! :)

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Jackie T.
Great Mascara

I love this mascara! It was very black, blacker than any other mascara ive used and ive used A LOT of mascaras!!! I would so though that it isnt for everyone. Most people want to simply put it on any mascara and have it work like magic, but there needs to be a certain technique with the wand. Also every mascara is made for different purposes and different eyelash type. This is mascara is made to thicken lashes which could explain the clumping. My eyelashes are very long (top lid and bottom) and thick already so it worked great for me!!

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Chelsea T.

Love this mascara personally. It works great on me. Very black which I love and it actually curls my lashes ironically. For me it doesn't flake or clump. Don't have any issues with it and best of all if I forget to use my makeup remover the night before and when I wake up in the morning; my eyes still looks gorgeous. So that saves me a few minutes in the morning :) I say its a definite must have in your collection for an everyday mascara.

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Paulette C.
the best : )

I enjoy this mascara. some people dont love as much but this works best for me i have others but always go back to this one i love this product. This product is not so much money which i like that benfit and for me it works well

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Rose-Marie D.
Favourite Mascara. Yep!

This thing is THE.BOMB! Not only does it volumize AND I also feel like it lengthens a bit, The packaging is just so cute xD The square-ish wand gives us an easy grip! The formula of the mascara is just perfect, not to thick, but enough to make your eyelashes look fuller.


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Carolina M.

It is the classic inexpensive mascara that I always go back to. I've tried several other mascaras and finally gave up and stuck to this one the past 3 years. I LOOOVE it.

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