Fit Me Foundation


Mary S.
Shade 110; Porcelain

Maybelline's Fit Me! Foundation is a sheer coverage foundation that "lets the real you come through". This is my first Maybelline foundation, and only my third one ever, so please excuse me if this isn't my best review. This dermatologist, oil free foundation is available in 18 shades, which is a wide selection by drugstore standards. Every shade is promised to match natural tones, and features SPF 18. Unfortunately, Maybelline products are tested on animals, so please keep that in mind when choosing their products. Maybelline does not list where this product was manufactured. I purchased my 1 fl oz bottle at Ulta for $7.99, but I've seen this foundation priced as low as $5.50. I have the slightest shade, 110, Porcelain. Packaging for Fit Me Foundation is pretty simple, but not exceptionally functional. There's no pump or any other type of dispenser, you just pour it out on to the back of your hand or a palette. That has the potential to be messy, wasteful, and unhygienic. The packaging is pretty plain, but looks ok. A rectangular, clear glass bottle that isn't bulky, but doesn't feel too fragile either. The twist on cap is made of black plastic. The Fit Me logo and number of the shade are both stickers, which tend to peel up at the side, making the product look cheap. Fit Me applies pretty well. My preferred method of applying this particular foundation is with a dampened cosmetic wedge, but I've also used a foundation brush. A dollop a little bit larger than an american quarter is enough to cover my whole face, neck, and if needed, my ears. When applied with a damp sponge, this foundation blends flawlessly, as promised. However, when applied with a foundation brush, it didn't blend well, and looked quite streaky. Honestly, I think it was the brush's fault. The finish of of Fit Me foundation is lovely. It's a sheer to light coverage foundation, but its fairly buildable. Despite it's sheerness, Fit Me provides surprisingly good coverage. I recommend pairing it with Rimmel's Match Perfection Concealer, as it has a very similar texture to Fit Me and they blend together perfectly. Fit Me has a beautiful, glowy, dewy, yet natural finish that makes skin look healthy and youthful, without appearing greasy or oily. Because of the sheer nature of Fit Me, it won't make your skin look flawless, but it will even out your complexion, brighten it, and mask any minor imperfections. I can comfortably say 110 is the best, closest color match I have ever had. It matches my skin tone perfectly,so well that I have a hard time seeing where I've applied foundation and where I haven't. The dewiness gives it away though. I compared it to my beloved BYS Age Defying Foundation, which I previously thought was a near perfect match, and it looks at least half a shade darker in comparison. There's something so satisfying about finding your perfect color match. It makes me wonder how Maybelline was able to capture my skin tone in a way that no other company has (except Rimmel). Porcelain ought to be renamed after me, or at least have it's number replaced by my favorite number. Fit Me wears pretty well under normal circumstances. I'd say I get about 8 hours of wear from it without a primer. I can't comment how it wears with a face primer, as I don't have one, but I am meaning to get one. In those 8 hours I have no wear issues like settling into lines or pores, and certainly no caking at all. The dewiness does tend to mattify after a couple hours though. Removal is no problem at all. A quick swipe of a face wipe, or just washing your face should remove just about all of this foundation. Your toner should take care of any remaining residue, not that there will be much. I've read a lot of negative reviews for Maybelline's Fit Me, saying that it causes break outs, irritation, some even go as far as to say it ruins their skin. I haven't suffered any such adverse effects, but my skin does seem a tad more oily than it was before I started using this foundation. Maybe I would have worse results if I wore this on a daily basis, but I just can't be bothered to wear foundation every day. Perhaps if you have naturally oily, acne prone, and/or sensitive skin, you should avoid this foundation, but personally I don't find it as damaging as some reviews would lead you to believe. One quick note is that Fit Me doesn't have a strong, gross smell like some foundations. I has that "makeup smell", but at least it isn't perfumed, or smell like buttered popcorn. I really like Maybelline's Fit Me Foundation. Mostly because, as the name of the product implies, it really does fit me. Porcelain (110) is like my skin tone in a bottle. This foundation gives just the right about of coverage, with a natural, dewy glow. Best of all, this foundation is extremely affordable, and available is a good variety of colors, so just about everyone can enjoy it, provided you have the right skin type. I'll likely repurchase this foundation when I finish this bottle up.

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Krystal C.

I think this is wonderful for people that doesnt have oily skin. It gives you a smooth matter finishing touch. The only problem is that they don't really have a good color selection. Their darkest color is not even dark. Hopefully they will come out with more colors.

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Pamela M.
Maybelline FIT ME?
Photo of product included with review by Pamela M.

I bought my first one of these a few monthe that time my perfect shade was #125..the coverage was fantastic..and the product was very long-lasting..then the fall and Winter seasons rolled around and I was needing a lighter shade because I wasnt out in the sun like I went to the next lighter step the shade #115..the color seemed to be a perfect match as well..but #115 was much thinner than my #125 and it did'nt have no where near the coverage either..I was very disappointed..the Maybelline #125 will definately be my spring and summer foundation..but as for the colder seasons...I had to go elsewhere..thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts & opinions..these foundations are also very affordable as well..another product for "BEAUTY ON A BUDGET"

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Angelica W.

Great Price for the product but i have oily skin. So i found i got extremely oily throughout the day. I liked the texture and the coverage of this foundation! I wanted to love this product but can't =(...Great Product for Normal Skin!

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Autumn C.

I made the mistake of buying this without reading into it. Even thought I bought this when it first came out two years ago, I've not bought it sense and actually still have the completely full bottle of it still. (weird I know) I just want to say that if you have oily skin, stay away from this foundation! I found that it actually had an extremely dewy finish, that did not look well on me at all. It has a really light coverage on me at all, and it felt Iike it was sitting ontop of my skin, mocking me because of my oily skin.

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Savannah D.

This is now my new favorite foundation, I used 115 since I am very pale and it went on so smoothly and actually fit my skin tone. I thought that the coverage was very good, and it blends easily.

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Sonia C.
My favorite Drugstore Foundation

I love love LOVE this foundation. Its medium to full coverage and leaves skin looking fresh. I just bought a second bottle. I am shade 230 (MAC NC30) and its perfect!

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Diana G.
made up

so if you guys read a little below i had written a review where this one time i looked in the mirror and completely got scared out of wearing this foundation at first i was bumed out cuz i have 3 bottles of this so i ran out of my usual concealer maybe last week i decided to give these another shot instead of having them sit there and guys we've made up im in love again i bought a new nuance concealer stick which i absolutely will keep buying its just perfect in all ways so what i do is 1st apply my also new revlon color correction primer which i like and then concealer than my coat of fit me foundation with my elf stipple brush and its like magic =)

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Sugar S.
love it

I have waiting for a product like this! I am shocked that the first page of reviews is pretty bad on this. But from what i read if you have oily skin this is NOT from you b/c ultimately you will look like a grease ball. I think maybelline should have clarified which type of skin was more suitable for. This foundation is definitely for more dry skin type. I have dry & sensitive skin. With that being said I LOVE THIS STUFF. 1. it is cheap compared to other drugstore foundations & you get 1 oz of product. 2. it's VERY light weight & airy on your skin, it's great b/c it let's your skin breathe which is great, it is also very very blend-able & a little watery-ish though. 3. coverage-wise i would say sheer-medium if you build it up, if you have scarred skin this is probably not going to the work alone to cover up everything 4. for those of you that have dry skin you know that it's hard to find a foundation that leaves a dewy glow b/c our skin is just so dry that it doesn't work. one light application & this foundation leaves your skin glowing & dewy perfect for the summer to look natural & in the winter i think it's great as well because it prevents your skin from getting cracked. 5. the staying power after setting it with my powder i would say 5-6 hours so not that long but then again those that stay 24 hours aren't great for your skin anyways =( 6. The last thing is that it comes in soo many different shades & it matches your skin-tone perfectly ! @ least it did 4 me [: all in all i really like this [: cheap & works well!

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Bianca B.
nice, dewy finish

I recently purchased this foundation at a Wal-mart in the shade 210 for $7CAD and I've been meaning to get it. I needed to get this foundation for the winter months since MAC ones give me oil and acne. I love the way its very blendable when using only a stipling brush and it gives you medium coverage. I love how maybelline set up that if you're 210 in foundation, you can easily find the same shade in powder too. I just don't like the consistency when you pour some on the back of your hand, it's not viscous at all so it can run a lot on your hand. I love the packaging and everything so it's not a bad product for the drugstore price! Recommend as a less viscous and less expensive dupe to MAC Studio Fix Foundation

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