Fit Me Foundation


Evelyn K.
Matte and poreless review

I couldn't find it on here but I use the matte and poreless foundation and OMG it's actually what the company described it as I use this foundation as a everyday makeup foundation for school and I don't think I'll ever use another! Sense I'm oily only in my t zone and dry on the other areas I find that this foundation is matte enough to keep my makeup good throughout the day but not to matte where you can feel the dryness

Lisa K.

I got matched to shade 112 and it makes me look so orange! This foundation cakes up so much and just looks so unnatural! It is very heavy as well. I will definitely not repurchase this!

Roz N.

I've used other brands of foundation before but nothing makes my face look and feel smoother than this one. I've been using this for a little over 6 months and I've only had to buy two bottles total. Definitely worth paying the 6-7 dollars for.

Erica M.

this is a great and not too pricey foundation,the only thing is it might not be too good for oily skin.if you have oily skin but still want to use this product,make sure you use a matte primer.

Cathy B.
My go to

This has become my go to foundation. I used to use L'Oreal true match but it made me look dewy which is not what I wanted. I tend to get oily around my nose as the day goes on but just rolling my fingers over that area clears it right up. I love the way it gives me a flawless matte finish & how with primer & seeing spray I never retouch it. I only wish they had my shade. I have to buy 330 & 355 to match my skin tone. Hopefully like the powder they'll make a 340. Too bad I'm not a powder foundation fan or there would be 5 stars.

Teylor R.
Not for darker skin tones

Have have normal to oily skin and this worked for me but wasn't the best I also have dark skin and it had a very orange undertone that made you look bad for a bit until it settled in

Bella L.
Great price Great product💕

I got my maybelline fit me foundation 110 shade a few weeks ago, honestly I love it! I bought it for only $6 and I find it leaves my skin soft and smooth after usage, it also contains SPF 15, BONUS!💕

Rachel C.

For me personally I found that after only a few hours (not even) it went incredibly blotchy and didn't have a great finish in the first place. It was also a really runny texture and didn't have a great amount of coverage!

Nicole K.
Don't buy .

This is a foundation that will make your face go crazy with breakouts . I have never had a breakout in-till I started using this . This is a big no no for people with oily or dry . Not happy with this foundation .

Linda N.
Perfect color and finish

Incredible color for yellow and olive tones. Makeup finish is flawless. I never buy OTC foundation because they are usually to pink or orange, scent is off putting, or color doesn't match. I've tried 3 different FIT ME foundations and they all work in me. Excellent product. My only wish is that I could find it on sale. The foundation stick is just as awesome!