Fit Me Blush

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Kaylee D.

Love it! I use it every day! And I love it! The only problem I had with it was the brush, its kind of scratchy. But They have other brush sets for like $3.00 at forever 21 that are accually very good for there price!

Rebecca M.

I really like this blush. It's pigmentation is decent for such a low price. I would recommend buying this blush in Walmart because it's cheaper than most places. However is this the best blush I've ever tried or the best drugstore one? No. But It's still nice especially for the fall. I use it as a blush contour.

Delilah H.
Not much color. But still great

I use this over a creme blush. I accidentally got the wrong color though 😒. If you use the right brush and layer it it can give decent color. Would recommend for light skinned people though.

Claire H.

I got it for 5 bucks at the drug store (Walgreens) and it’s pretty great. I recommend this to everyone cause the Fit Me! Is the perfect shade cause its not really stand out -ish and doesn’t make you look like a clown... perfect for looking natural/casual, plus I like the brush that comes with it.

Jenny L.

I have to pack on the color to get anything too noticeable when I use it alone. Lately I've been using a light sweep of the Light Rose underneath my Bare Escentuals All Over color in Pure Radiance which is a beautiful combination for someone with a very light complexion. It's kind of sad that I'm too pale for the colors that should complement my skin tone.

Nykki B.
I agree with below....Eh

This is a blush. I mean it works okay. It goes on my cheeks and stays there, after putting A LOT on. There just isn't anything special about it. It is just okay. The brush is terrible, but who actually uses those brushes anyways? I don't like the packaging at all. I wouldn't recommend this product to anybody.

xoxo, nykki

Kenna  S.
Maybelline can do better...

I wasn't very fond of this. First of all, the plastic packaging breaks way too easy! Also, the brush is rough and cheap. I'm a huge Maybelline fan, but hated this product. Xoxo~ Kenna 💕💎

Rachelle-Denise  M.
A Classic "Back Up" Blush

I will admit that I didn't pick out this color. This came along in a gift that someone gave to me and who am I to turn down make-up? Maybe it's because this is not the color I would pick myself--but this blush didn't provide a "WOW" factor. Still good to keep around though, just in case.

Brooke M.
It's decent.

This is my go-to blush. Since I am very pale, I do not like the look of very pigmented blushes. You WILL need a lot on your brush to get any color. Overall, if you're someone who likes the 'heavy blush' look, this is not the product for you.

Niamh S.
its okay

not the best blush i have ever used, it didnt show up very well but when i put more on it turned out to be really good, a nice colour and it blends well. Other than the facts that i had to put loads on, its a good blusher xx