Expert Wear Eyeshadow in Sunbaked Neutrals


Brittany D.

You can tell its drugstore makeup. It does ok in a pinch but overall it's hard which makes application difficult and it's not very pigmented so you waste a lot trying to achieve the true color.

Tessandra R.
A Must Have!

I use this palette daily! I love all of the different looks I can create with this palette, and I love the colors! Its one of my favorite palettes that I have come across! Most definitely recommend!

I liked this palette so much! I found the tiny square pans set side by side so appealing. it must be the compactness. the shades are so wearable, kind of 'goes with everything' browns and coppers/golds. pigmentation is decent and it isn't too powdery. the greens all the way on the right provide some interest and color, but don't show up as well as the other shades. just a really easy palette to use on the go.

Lemme A.

I have & love this product. I actually bought this awhile back but just last year I came around to actually using it. I ran out of my MAC woodwinked eyeshadow so instead I used (starting from the left top) the 3rd color which is a really light shimmery brown. This palette is very neutral, warm & perfect for all skin types. If you see it, get it. It's affordable & perfectly pigmented.

Rachel W.

I bought is thinking that it was going to suck because it was so cheap but I love this palette! It goes really well with my green eyes and stays on all day! I love the light green and gold! I highly recommend it!

Sydney C.

I bought this after seeing my best friend wearing it at school one day! I am so happy that I got it all of the colors are amazingly pigmented. You can create so many different looks with these shadows! I have also observed that most of Maybelline's Quads and Trios have these colors in them so your not wasting your money on 3 or 4 different palettes.

Jennifer C.
GREAT drugstore palette!
Photo of product included with review by Jennifer C.

I originally purchased this palette with the intention of de-potting all of the colors to put in my UNII palette for a vacation so I could max out on the colors I bought. I honestly wasn't expecting much. But now I find that I pick up this palette quite often! There are a lot of possibilities within this palette, with its nice range of matte and shimmery shadows. The two matte browns even double as eyebrow filler, and the white makes an excellent brow and face highlight. The gold is by far my favorite color; it's so saturated and beautifully metallic. Good job, Maybelline!

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