Expert Wear Eye Shadow Trio

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Angela V.

I love these eye shadows. I have the crown jewels one and I love all the colors.. They are so nice on.. They have a great color pay off. I love these because you can make so many looks with them. or combining them with other maybelline colors.. I would recommend them to everyone

Angie R.
Sooooo Easy to Use!

This eye shadow is the reason I started loving makeup. I always wanted to do a smokey eye, so when I saw this I fell in love. It told me EXACTLY where to apply the eyeshadow so you can NEVER mess up. I think this is a great product for a begginer, like myself, to use.

KristaLynn K.
Easy To Use!

I really like myMaybelline Trio in Almond Truffles because it works well with my eye color and the colors are very pigmented. I love how it tells you exactly wear to put each color on your lid, to give you the perfect look. Don't be afraid to experiment with it though, because it works in so many different ways!

Lauren C.
cute colors long lasting

this is a great palette to start with for beginners, maybelliene eye trios are the best for beginners, it really helps them understand where to start...i love how it says "lid," "brow," "crease" on the thing to help the person understand where to apply the makeup, i like is long lasting and pretty

Kristen A.
My go-to for smokey eye!

This trio is perfect for beginners due to the picture on the back of the package showing you exactly how to create the look you're going for. The price is great, but the pigmentation is so-so.