Expert Wear Eye Shadow 8 Pan


Myka A.

i have this palette from maybeline but a diff shade, i only like 2 shades from there a violet and color brown it's nice but the others really doesn't work out i mean it has no color when you apply it it's bad

Shinay W.

i have this in sunbaked neautrals...the brown works wonders for me, and the shimmer cream color (i use as a highlight) other than that i'm not a fan...i have mixed feelings, with a good brush and a good primer/base it can last all day but with cheapy products it creases...i guess you get what you pay for.

Whitney B.

Terrible eyeshadow palette. It's worth the extra money to buy a higher quality eyeshadow in my opinion. Even applying multiple layers doesn't help these colors to show up and it's very powdery.

Christina L.

One of the worst eye shadow palettes I ever bought. The color pigmentation is the worst! None of the colors show up, and the ones that do fade in a matter of minutes. The eye shadow itself is very very powdery and dry. No positives here...