Dream Mousse Eye Colour


Kendra H.
Didn't Enjoy This

I bought this about a year ago and then just found another one at my local kmart that is closing. I love a lot of the other products from the "dream mousse" line so I figured this would be great! I was wrong... there is no staying power and it slips everywhere. I think I prefer the color tattoos over this.

Christina L.

I wouldn't bother wasting money on this again. I bought a really pretty light pink shade and it was not useful at all. The texture is too slippery and it is very difficult to apply. It fades and creases very quickly. I couldn't see this lasting no matter what primer/base you use underneath. I was pretty disappointed with this...I was so excited to try it too :(

Vania K.

I remember buying this product in a bronze was a fantastic!! would have loved to try all the other colours available but sadly singapore dont carry this collection anymore :(

the formula is very nice n like wat the product discription glides on really smoothly and blends well as well..maybe if i go abroad i guess i wld try to get some colours from this dream mousse range!!

Nora d.
I have this is in the white color..

I got it for a dollar so thats all that really matters. I didn't waste a ton of money on it. Don't buy it. It is a great idea but it is very hard to apply.