Dream Matte Mousse Foundation


Haley C.
Used to be my favorite.

This used to be my holy grail. But it IS NOT for dry skin. As I got older - my skin got dryer (its not aged, I'm only 20 - lol) and this product just got worse and worse on my skin. Overall I think it's great for others- I love the formula... Wish it was compatible with dryer skin.

Tessandra R.
Love it!!

I love this foundation! I'm normally not one for a matte finish, but this stuff is amazing! The mousse is light and goes on very nicely! I just wish it didn't have such a yellow undertone to it. But besides that, I love it!

Charlisa M.
love it
Photo of product included with review by Charlisa M.

first of all I love this makeup, its especially great for any type of look or day... everyday routine for me... it gives great coverage and sits perfectly on my skin, I do however have to use moisturizer of course... and I just wear it with my blush... simple and easy

Courtney B.

Love this product!!! My skin tone is very light and the Sade I got looked very dark, but I applied some to my face with a blending brush and it works great! You don't even really need a setting powder because it's very matte!!

Normah M.

I dont like the texture . I have very oily skin and thought this foundation could help . Found it oily and clogged my pores . I got break outs after a few days wearing this . The color oxidises to orange-pink on me and i looked horrible like a bad fake tan or something :( hard to find matchig color too .

Lauren E.
Not good for oily skin

This foundation is quite good, it has good colour, glides on easily etc. But I have oily skin, so for me, even with a primer, it slides off as well as it slides on! It doesn't provide amazing coverage, and it hasn't really got a buildable texture - a second layer may look cakey. The packaging is pretty good, very study and doesn't come open, but it'd be more suited to people with normal skin.

Rachel B.
Mixed feelings

It is altogether a pretty good product. It blends well and has pretty good coverage on most places. But, it isn't good for dry skin, and doesn't cover some acne spots very well. Also, when I apply it, little flaky pieces fall off which is pretty weird. But, it mostly does it's job and I must say I'm pretty happy with it :)

Kendra H.
Love It

I like to have lightweight coverage as I have very sensitive skin. Although I didn't like it as much as the Dream Smooth Mousse it is a close second! It gives good coverage and it also works as a concealer when I'm using other foundation. The "Dream" collection from Maybelline has so many great products and this was a definite hit!

Mizz Mea M.

I have been using this product since it came out. Im not one for the liquid foundation. It seem to be messy to me as far as application. This in my opinion is better for me. I love the feel on my skin and how smoothly it applies. It also makes my skin look great. I love it.

Dereanna D.
Different in a good way!

I'm not a person who usually wears foundation, but I do have some acne scars that I would like to cover up so I heard good things about this foundation so I have it a try. I really like it! It's very lightweight, easy to blend, looks super natural, and keeps me matte. So fat so good! It hasn't broken me out yet, thank god. The shade is a perfect match for me, I'm really loving this foundation lately💜