Cover Stick Corrector Concealer

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Kathleen A.
Great Product!

I have been using this concealer along with Maybelline's mousse foundation for years. It is a fantastic combination (I suggest using a Maybelline powder to go with it). If used correctly it can really give your face a flawless appearance. It should be spread lightly (overusing it with powder will create lumps and smudges) and I think is great to clear dark spots around your eyes, nose and chin. I definitely recommend it, but it all comes down to your skin type and knowing how to properly use it.

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Noli M.
Works great (if it perfectly matches your skin tone,)

I use this concealer whenever I get a blemish. It doesn't give your that gross dry gray color when you put something on top. And price-wise, I mean, Maybelline is naturally a drugstore brand, so it's automatically not expensive at all. This is a must.

Cailyn B.
Pretty good

I got the yellow stick that is supposed to be used for covering dark spots. I got it for the bags under my eyes and freckles. It covered my bags really well and most of my freckles. Also, what I like is that you can keep putting more on and it doesn't really get cakey. When you put it on, you have to blend it in with your fingers, though. Altogether, I would recommend it. I have not tried any of the other ones so I can't tell you if the results would be the same, but of you have dark spots, definitely give the yellow one a try.

Amanda B.
My Everyday Under-Eye Makeup

I use this every day to cover up those dark circles under my eyes. I used to use the plain concealer sticks, but the yellow tinted one to cover dark circles works much better for me!

Antonia R.

I love this cover stick and i have been meaning to buy another one because mine has ran out. My friends also agree that this is a very good concealer but I would recommend that you apply with your fingers to melt it into your skin a little more because it's not easy to bled in with a brush.

Morgan B.
Okay for minor imperfections

I use this concealer to cover minor blemishes on my face. I have major undereye circles, but this concealer is too sheer and not really buildable enough for those. I also wouldn't use this on major red or angry blemishes. In a small, thin layer it's fine, but it clumps if you try and build it up, no matter how thin your layers are. Also, forget about applying powder directly on top- it's a surefire way to get it to clump. Just use it after foundation and before using a translucent powder to set the whole thing and you should be fine.

Kitty K. Moderator
Okay - but not good or bad.

I bought the yellow stick concealer to use for contouring and as a color corrector. At first I was very impressed and very excited ( I gave myself the perfect Kim Kardashian Contour and glow.) However, if you have a dry skin type then this concealer is a big no go. At first it applied kind of oily, and I thought This is great - I have dry skin. However, it can dry up disgustingly. The runaround to this that I've found is to apply as minimal as needed, and blend out with your fingers. I find that applying this over foundation doesn't look as dry vs applying it under foundation. So in this case, I never apply it alone.

Most of the reviews here are positive, but after looking it up on Makeupalley I saw that many people reported the same problem, it drying out on skin. For now this will do until I get my hands on a yellow corrector stick and some of Ben Nye's Luxury Powder in Banana.

Kelly F.

I was never one for stick concealers, but when I was at the drugstore the other day, I was drawn to this product for some reason. I brought it home and tried it, and it was okay.

It matched my skin perfectly, I just had trouble blending it in. Coverage was good for blemishes, but HORRIBLE for under the eyes, as it gets cakey.

Kimberly C.
Not Worth It.

I am not liking this product. It doesn't do want I want my concealer to do, which is conceal... of COURSE! It makes your skin look dry and flaky, and doesn't really cover up anything. Sometimes I will use it to conceal my under-eye bags, and all it does is make my bags WORSE! Don't spend your money on it!

Paige N.
No Go.

I bought this product, thinking it would be a good, blend able concealer. Boy was I wrong. This product does not match my skin at all. Too orange-y. It cakes up like crazy and doesn't blend well at all. This was definitely a miss.