Clear Mascara


Marisa R.
works great as brow gel !

i love this clear mascara to use as brow gel ! prior to picking this up I was using the Anastasia Brow Gel which ran me about $22. This clear mascara was only about $6 and had twice the amount of product. It sets my brows in place all day without making them crunchy and I love how small the brush is, much easier for use on the brows than the Anastasia brush was. The only down side to using this as brow gel is that since the tube is clear you can see all the dark gunk in it(since I have dark brows) and it does not make for a pleasing aesthetic. But I can def get past it (:

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Michelle D.

My first brow gel, and it's amazing! It dries pretty fast and holds my brow hairs in place for the whole day. The only downside to it is that if you decide to fill in your brows, the brush will pick up the color therefore changing the formula from clear to whatever color you color your brows with (typically darker). It does look a little gross, but it's not that bad.

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Abby V.

This stuff is the shit!! I will seriously be using this till I'm old and grey!!!! This stuff basically primes & wets your eyelashes for whatever mascara you are going to use after.this wets your eyelashes for a smooth application,I find that if I don't use this no matter what kind of mascara I'm using it always clumps.another positive thing about this mascara that it also last a long time,when I say long i mean loooong! It lasted me a good year & I use mascara about 5 days of the week!

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Stephanie T.

i love using this as a brow set! it works great, inexpensive, and effortless. my only problem with it is the brush takes on too much product when i pull out the wand so i end up having to scrape the excess product on the tube. other than that this is a great product!

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Annika R.
Keeps my eyebrows in place!

This product is wonderful for my eyebrows! My eyebrows are very unmanageable and this clear mascara has kept my eyebrows in place well but did not make them feel hard and gross but did the job and my eyebrows did not budge one bit all day. It also cleans off my eyebrows effortlessly. There is a good amount of product and the wand is great and small enough so I can easily shape my eyebrows. It's crazy inexpensive as well only $4! Geary product I love it!

Cheez H.
I love this

I use it every day, because black/colored mascara is too dark for me. I just love the effects it gives my lashes. It doesn't flake or crack or make my lashes dry in any way.

Nicole K.
Great !

This is a inexpensive great eyebrow gel! It works really well to keep you eyebrows in place for a great amount of time ! never spend lots on your eyebrow gel !

Madison T.
Perfect!!! Buy it !!

Favorite clear mascara!! I tried this one and a cover girl one and this was FAR better! Buy it while you can :) it's the best thing everrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it so much

Emily I.
Love it as a brow gel!

I never buy expensive brow gels/waxes because this is all I need! I brush it on my brows after I fill them in, and once it dries, it stays all day. This product is pretty much a classic and I doubt I'll ever use anything else!

Jennifer M.

I use this on my brows instead of my lashes. It is really good, and it makes my brows stay in place all day. It doesnt clump, or dry up leaving any residue. It is a really cheap and affordable way to make your brows look wonderful. The applicator is perfect, and picks up just the right amount of gel, not too much and not too little. I think this is the only brow gel ill ever use!