Max Factor

Bronzing Powder


Anaam I.
Bronze Goddess

This has to be by far one of my favourite bronzers ever. Being tanned naturally means i dont need that much bronzer anyways (except for contouring) and hardly any work really well on my skin plus having sensitive skin means ive gotta be very careful before applying anything to my skin, but this product works wonders! I absolutely love its texture and the beautiful glow it gives after using it. Its lightweight and blends in easily without making you look like an oopma loompa! Definitely recommended!

Evvie P.
Best to wear in the daytime

Nice texture and it's one of those products where a little goes a long way. You have to be really observant when applying this though as it can slyly turn you into an orange. I find that after applying a little, it's best to wait a few seconds for it to really set into my foundation to see the resultant shade more accurately. When wearing it on a night out, it can need reapplying at least once (rarely more than once) but this is less likely to be the case when wearing it throughout the daytime.