Mary Kay Cosmetics

TimeWise Microdermabrasion Set


Mk makeup maven K.
MY Fav MK Product!

This does wonders for my skin!! I've been told my skin looks flawless and I know it's from this! It also makes my foundation go on much smoother. You gotta try it! :)

Heidi C.
HG of exfoliation

It's considered one of the best microdermabrasion products on the market and highly affordable considering the cost of a visit to the spa! It contains micro beads that will rub after the outermost surface of your skin off, revealing more radiant skin, reducing clogging of the pores, and also combatting blackheads. It works well to even skin tone (and I also use it to lighten darker areas around my mouth/chin) and smooth it out (I have been mistaken for wearing foundation on several occasions after using this, but not with other exfoliators!). It's my HG skin care product. I use it with my Olay exfoliating brush or Clarisonic. I've also used Olay's exfoliating scrub which is similar but I prefer my Mary Kay. The set is $55 which sounds steep but totally worth it IMHO because you don't need a lot and it's enough for a long time if you're doing 1-2 washes a week with the set. It's actually cheaper for the first step alone, I believe, as the second is a replenishing anti-oxidant-filled moisturizer. Get the first step only if you're tight on budget. It's fragrance-free (not sure what was up with the product that another reviewer had) and not rough (in fact, it is comparable to Olay but I think even Mary Kay's is even finer). I'm always excited to use this product as my face always glows right after and I highly recommend it.

Tashina M.
Holy cow!!

This is my go too beauty secret. Leaves my skin soft and glowing and my pores look so tiny. I use this two or three times a week and I cannot say enough good about it. Boots no7 makes a scrub that costs about $20 and it's comparable to this one, but it doesn't come with the serum for after which is just fantastic. I really dig this stuff in like I'm not supposed to but it feels so good. So the serum for after is really soothing and just ads that little something. Over the months I have been using it I have seen a lasting difference in my skin and I reccomend this to every one I know. Men and women alike.

Davia G.
No Thank You

SO being the skincare junkie..I have tried this set as a way to pit it against Philosophy, and Olay and let me say this...Time Wise didn't save me anytime! The granulation is rough and the smell leaves alot to be desired and the end result was not apparent!

Virginia D.
The best exfoliator I have ever used!!

I love exfoliating and have purchased MANY in the past. This is the first one that I have ever used that has the right amount of grit to get rid of dead skin cells.I like the idea of it being a two step system because it helps to protect the new layer of skin. Skin is softer after just one use. Will purchase again and again.