Mary Kay Cosmetics

TimeWise 3-In-1 Cleanser (normal to dry)

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Treyana B.

I love this cleanser. I use this along with the Mary Kay Moisturizer. I use these products daily and it keeps my skin looking amazing and healthy. I have noticed that my skin has a more even tone and I have less blackheads or blemishes..

Asia T.

this cleanser is the best! it has 3 products in one. what i noticed when i started using this last year, was the more i used it, the softer my face felt. the normal to dry cleanser has these exfoliating beads in them that doesn't scratch your face and irritates it. it also seems to hydrate very well.

Virginia D.
Great cleanser!

I'm a skeptic and I didn't think that the skincare set was going to do anything for my skin. WRONG! My skin has actually improved. Being that I am acne prone I use the Miracle set along with the Acne Treatment Gel on spots. Will purchase again. Looking forward to trying more skincare products!

Shamink C.
it just fine

i will be purchasing this agian(on ebay) but it doesnt do wonders. i do like that my skin hasnt gotten worse from switching from an acne cleanser. i still have ance tho. i think i will try to ask my consultant for thier acne wash cuz it is also cheaper.... not sure why she hasnt suggested it already. like i said in another post ive given 200 for all my products and i want them to work!