Mary Kay Cosmetics

Mint Bliss Energizing Lotion for Feet & Legs


Jennifer B.
I like this after work :)

I won this at a makeup party Mary Kay was doing in a raffle - and I had to try it that night after a long night in heels! It has a very nice minty smell, and when I put it on my feet, it felt amazing. I use it every night after I get off of work, and it feels great. I think what would give this five stars is being a moisturizer as well. But I do love this!

Asia T.

i love the minty smell of this. i use this on my clients when i do their pedicures too. when i put it on, it seems to have a cooling sensation. the only thing i would love for this product to do is to moisturize. i have dry skin during the winter and early spring, so i need something that is going to hydrate. overall i like this product.