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Asia T.

i like the eye primer, but i do have my favorites that are not Mary Kay's. The eye primer comes in this sweeze tube (which i love), and its a very sanitary way to share the primer at parties or if a friend wanted to try it. it goes on smooth, i haven't seen it crease, and it lasts all day

Tiara M.
Best Primer I've used so far!!

So one of my clients walked into the bank and her eyes looked AMAZING. So me being a lover of all things beautiful I was like " Wow, your eye shadow looks amazing, do you have on primer?" Not only did she have on primer, she moonlighted as a Mary Kay rep, and brought me back a tube. I have tried primers by Urban Decay, Too-Faced, and Benefit, and I must say that this Mary Kay primer is my absolute favorite. It just makes which ever eye shadow you're wearing look brilliant and flawless. And best of all, I believe it's the cheapest!!

Davida B.
Daily Dose

My daily Dose for my eyes is my Mary Kay Eye Primer.. it sets my natural look and I love it with or without color. Sometimes I will even apply the primer underneath my eye and on the brow to set the shape I like. Overall, everyone should have at least one primer in the makeup bag.