Jewel Eau de Toilette Spray


Desiree E.

I can't get enough of this fragrance! I will always love it! It lasts a very long time! I just wished it came in a bigger size! Makes me feel so sexy! :)

Sh-nee W.

Jewel smells SOOOOOOO good. I stock up on more Jewel samples to give out than anything. When my boyfriend smelled it, even he was hooked. Definitely won't disappoint.

Kira C.
I love it!!!
Photo of product included with review by Kira C.

This is the one for me! I can't get enough of it and either can my husband or daughter. And right now at my mark. eBoutique ( you can the duo for only $24, that's the body cream & the fragrance (which normally would run $12 & $22). Plus the Jewel hook up spray in Last Chance for only $3.99, perfect to carry in your purse! <3

Angie R.
Not as long lasting as I would like

This perfume has a really sexy smell, it was love at first sniff for me. The downside is the smell doesn't last too long, maybe 2 hours max. If you pair it with the body cream the smell will last longer. Either way, the price was good and it does smell delicious, so I would buy it again, but I would have to have the body cream with it.