Berry Grand Super Exfoliating Beads


Yumi R.
Not gentle..

I was really disappointed in this. It sounded natural so I was expecting it to be a light and gentle exfoliation. It's just as harsh feeling as St Ives Apricot Scrub. I can't see this being good for your skin. I'll stick to my liquid exfoliants!

Elizabeth C.
love it

this scrub is so good i love it, there are just the beads so u can add it to any of your favorit cleansers, and it workd nice. Just add a dime siz to ur palm and a nikle size of cleaner mix with a bit of water to damp face and message gently to the skin, ur skin will feel soft. i em a mark rep check out my boutique at hope this helps cjsmakeup

Carolyn H.
I like it.

Its not a harsh exfoliator like others i've tried. i mix it in with my mark. that's deep cleanser and together they work beautifully. my skin is super soft afterwards. my only negative is the smell- it smells like clay and oatmeal- which i do kind of like.. but i thought it would smell fruiter since it has berries in it.

Santana V.
Go away dead skin!!!

i use this once a week and i really like how my skin feels smoother after.. it does a good job of getting all the dead skin off your face. I like how it connects to the top of your cleansers so it saves space. Just dont leave it in the shower!! haha

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