Mario Badescu

Special Cucumber Lotion


Jenny D.

Only astringent that has given moisture to my skin instead of stripping it. I have severe dry and sensitive skin and it has been perfect for me. Amazing is all I have to say

Riley V.
In love

Literally after using this morning and night for 7 days all of my acne and acne scars (dark spits) completely vanished! Everyone was complementing my skin saying it was glowing, flawless, radiant! I absolutely love this product!! A+++

Angel C.
My Acne's Worst Nightmare

I literally can't live without this product! Ever since placing this in my daily skincare regimen, all my acne has cleared up. I have even noticed improvement in the appearance of my acne scars. My skin feels absolutely amazing after using this. You'd be amazed how much cleaner this gets your skin than by just simply washing your face alone. I use this every morning and night after I wash my face, and every single times the cotton ball that I use to apply it with comes up having taken off more oil and dirt than my cleanser did. This is a must have Mario Badescu product!

Jacqueline L.

I looove this astringent because it's so gentle on my eczematic, acne-prone skin. Each astringent I've tried up until this one has been much too strong for my sensitive skin, causing irritation (burning, inflammation, etc.) and further break-out. This one is gentle AND effective; it does a great job of drying up existing blemishes without drying out my skin. My skin is soft and even glows after applying. I highly recommend it for sensitive skin!

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Alyssa S.
Really seems to help without over doing it

I really like this astringent, mainly because of its natural ingredients and the fact that it doesn't burn or irritate my skin like a lot of other products out there. I would recommend this astringent to anyone looking for a natural astringent for acne prone skin.