Mario Badescu

Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater

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Nia P.
Love it!

One of my favorite facial sprays and its inexpensive too. I love how it hydrates and refreshes my skin. The smell is also a huge plus as well! Would definitely recommend!

Ariana G.
Great Toner and Finishing Spray

I like using this after I cleanse my face to prep my skin before my moisturizers and I like it. Its really refreshing and adds light moisture to the skin. It smells like rosewater. The mist is very fine which is good so you dont have uncomfortable water droplets all over your face. Its also to finish off your foundation for a hydrated finish.

Mim I.
Amazing !!!

This is my favorite facial spray! Inexpensive and smells great! Makes my makeup look and feel better on my face! I even spray it on at night because it makes my face feel so moist ! Will definitely buy again

Angela T.

I love that I can use this either to set my makeup, or use it as a quick face refresher after moisturizing. I have very sensitive skin & am prone to breakouts, but this spray is very gentle! I haven't had any skin problems while using this. This is definitely one of my HG products

Joanna A.
Smells delicious & sets makeup beautifully!

This product smells like a fresh bouquet of roses and I love that it actually works as a fantastic makeup setter. I spray a bit on my face before my moisturizer and I also spray a little bit on my makeup brushes, especially to pack on shimmers or highlighters. I notice my skin glows and my makeup stays put with no creasing. I will definitely keep this as a regular in my kit.

Heather R.
Amazing, calming scent!

I received this product as a gift and was immediately in love fom the first time I used it. I use it all over my body after drying off from my shower to lock in moisture. I highly recommend it!

Cyndy K.

This is a great line. I even got my eighteen year old son on this line (the acne line) I like to spray my face when the humidity is high and at work under fluorescent lights

Aley A.

I love this product. My face soaks it in and I love how gentle it is and the smell of rosewater is insane. I love that it can be used as a toner or to set makeup as well.

Cameron R.
A Staple Product!

I really love this product! It serves so many different purposes in my beauty routine that I don't know what I ever did without it! I use it mainly to set makeup now, along with refreshing it throughout the day. I spray it on after I've layered on my night treatments and it makes them much more effective by sealing them in. The best part is that even with the rose scent in this product, I have not had any kind of breakout either! This product is definitely underpriced.