Mario Badescu

Drying Lotion


Roanna C.

Overhyped. I really wanted to like this. I like the medicated feeling. I like the packaging and smell but it really doesn't work well that much as everyone is claiming to.

There are other alternatives out there and some drugstore gels actually work better.

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Alexandra I.
Don't know what I would do without this!

You have to believe me when I say that I've tried every over the counter and prescribed acne spot treatments and that this is the only one that works after my skin has gotten used to it! Every product I've tried as a spot treatment would work for a couple weeks till my skin would get used to it, then I'd stop working and I'd have to start all over again with another product -.- I've been using this for the past yearish and I can't believe it still works on my pimples! I apply it at night and omg the results are amazing! Usually the 2nd night after applying it, the pimples have reduced A LOT or have gone! I love this and swear on this! I will continue to buy this even when my acne goes away forever! Love it and can't live without it!!

Madison B.

I get really bad cystic acne so I put this on whenever I feel a really painful zit and it reduced the size by the next morning! It's amazing! I've tried a lot of products and this is definitely one that stands out

Mariam A.

I hope you girl's know that when you apply this on your skin you are only suppose to apply it on your break out area. I personally like it, I used it 3 nights ago & my pimple and small blemishes were gone the next morning.

Jeorgia G.
help reduce the size of my zits.

this is one of the on-the-spot treatments that I use when I get pimples. I agree that it doesn't 'completely' gets rid of your pimple overnight but it helps with the redness and reduces the size of (my) cystic acne. I use this every night. I actually prefer this over the clean and clear persa-gel 10%.

Jessika H.
Works wonders!

reduces whiteheads over night. I just put a drop or two on a cotton swab and dabb it where I want it. I would defenetly recommend it. But it doesn't work that well for pig, red breakouts, and it does nothing for blackheads. -But I don't think it's supposed to.

Karen S.
Works great for me!

I really like this product. I had really bad hormonal acne which consists mainly of cystic pimples. The drying lotion would significantly shrink them overnight and regular pimples would almost disappear. My skin is clear now thanks to BC but I still use this when I get an occasional pimple and it works better than anything else!

Eilla S.
Best zapper ever!

I get whiteheads and small pimples when my skin is doing its own thing or that time of the month. I am trying to combat that. I do not get those big ones a lot so this Drying Lotion is a god send. It cleared up my whiteheads and small pimples within 1 night or 3 nights. It depends on the size. I definitely will repurchase this. It's the only zapper that do not leave me scars.

Madison P.

I use this when i've popped a zit. Yes, i know, its not good to pop your pimples but i feel that if you use this RIGHT after you've popped one, it really helps. It does sting a little bit, but i do find that it works alot better than just putting it on a un-popped white head. I use a cotton swab to get to the pink stuff in the bottom. DO NOT SHAKE IT. That just screws up the pink calamine and it WON'T WORK. overall, i do like this product. You can get it at Ulta for i think 19-22$

Angel C.
Best when used for whiteheads only

I had high expectations for this product. It was hyped to clear up whiteheads and pimples overnight. While it did clear up whiteheads relatively fast, I was a little set back that it didn't clear up all my pimples right away. But to my surprise I found out why: This product is designed to dry up the sebum that builds up in clogged pores that causes whiteheads to appear on the skin, not deep set pimples like what I have where the sebum is still under the surface. While this did disappoint me some due to the fact that I have more cystic acne than whiteheads, it did clear up my occasional whiteheads satisfactorily. So my overall verdict for this product is that if you have cystic acne like I do, I would recommend the drying cream instead of the lotion, and if you have whiteheads I'd say go for this drying lotion. This product does work for what it says it's for. I just got too caught up in it, and thought it'd work on cystic acne. So don't be set back on this product either.