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Mario Badescu

Drying Cream


Cyndy K.
great product

I got this product for my teenager couple of years ago. He uses this with Zeno and by the next day the cyst is almost gone. He seems to like this line

Grace S.
Best for cystic acne

Although I did eventually have to take Accutane to clear up my skin, this was probably the single most effective product I used during the five years that I struggled - and I tried EVERYTHING. The sulfur instantly reduced the size of zits, and as a bonus I often used it at night if I wanted to cover up my acne from friends or my boyfriend.

Haley R.
Perfect for what I need!

I absolutely love this stuff! I use this, usually, when I get my brows waxed. I tend to break out where I get waxed, and this stuff puts stop to that. I usually don't follow the directions, though. I like to apply this with a Q-Tip in the entire area of the breakout, and I put it on pretty thick. Works like a charm!

Amber P.
great product, reduces the inflamation and blends with skin

i just bought this and i'm in love. it works wonders to help reduce inflammation and pimple size/pus and i can apply it and wear it during the day and it stops the oil and it helps greatly.

Kristina H.
Similar to the Proactive refining face mask.

This works pretty much the same way and honestly I think it is the same thing. It smells the same as well. I use this when I have one of those cystic bumps, and it stops it from getting out of control and even shrinks it and helps reduce redness to the area.

It is true, a little goes a long way!