Marc Jacobs



Renay T.

Very clean and refreshing scent. I love this perfume. I reach for it on days I want a light scent that smells lovely. The packaging is also a major win! I always get compliments when I wear this out. :)

Guadalupe P.

I have smelled it in a magazine promotion for the scent and I fell in love with it.

Michelle D.

Marc Jacobs never disappoints. This is by far my favorite perfume, the scent is hard to describe so run to the nearest mall and spray it all over yourself.

Saoirse  O.

I actually got it for my mum for Christmas and I use it all the time.. I love it so much it has such a unique smell and people notice it around me all the time!! I just love it.. GREAT BUY !!!!

Robin H.
Must have!

I've wanted this since it came out,but I always skipped it because if the price.Finally got it for Christmas 2013,and I'm so thankful! I've always been a big fan of Marc Jacobs,and there is a good chance this is my favorite scent from the brand!This is the perfect floral scent,and you don't need much.Also,I never have to reapply this throughout the day!Honestly,this is worth every penny you spend.Also,I've seen it the cheapest at belk!If you do buy this,get it there rather thank maceys or ulta.

Jina C.

i have the large size of this perfume and i never get bored of it. but if you dont like deep smell then i dont suggedt this. first few hrs smells a little deep but end of the day it smells very light. if u like the light scent then i suggest the daisy with pink bottle.

Angel B.

I purchased daisy a couple months ago i love the smell but its VERY light and because its so light i find that it does not last long and i have to re apply perfume. Over all the smell is lovely.. would i purchase again? Probably Not.

Rosie M.

i love wearing this perfume, its fresh and fun. Sometimes i feel like perfumes are too heavy and you end up wafting a bit to much, with Marc Jacob's daisy its a light fragrance that is subtle but there. Marc Jacob's also do limited editions of this product and they all smell slightly different but all of them are lovely. I wouldn't say this was a really sexy perfume its more sophisticated and light.

Gracie  S.
Instant Confident Boost!

This perfume always makes me feel so beautiful and classy! It always makes me think of Spring tea parties with Rooibos tea and French macaroons. It's really lovely and I recommend it to everyone.

Deb A.
Signature Scent of 2012

I loved this scent! It was my signature fragrance.. I purchased it in both the Eau de Toilette (spray and rollerball), and Eau de Parfum, and I got so many compliments. I managed to convince a few girls to make the switch just from smelling it. Marc Jacobs should cut me a check ;).. lol, kidding.