Marc Jacobs

Daisy Eau de Parfum


Crissie  K.
marc Jacobs pretty in pink

I got this perfume on my 40th birthday and I am very pleased with it as it's a scent that lasts n lasts u only need a Lil bit and I would recommend this to any woman who wants a perfume to be noticeable x

Maria M.

i loooooooooove it! it smells amazing! it's now my signature perfume! everyone should try it! it's sp feminine and sophisticated ,it's in perfect balance, neither to floral or fresh..i love it and i really recommend it!

Dunia M.
musky, elegant

I purchased the Sephora Deluxe Fragrance Sampler and this was one of the fragrances in the kit. I'm glad I traded my voucher in for this bottle because the fragrance is very nice for evening wear and the bottle is very cute and chic. It would look great on a vanity.

Erin N.
Not good for everyday wear

I had bought this for myself and soon realized it was too strong for everyday wear. Since this is the parfum version and not the toilet version (how ever you spell it lol) It was very strong. I passed it along to my mother and she lovesssssssss it! But if your 25 and under I'd recommend getting the toilet version just because it isn't as over powering. I bought the toilet version as well and am loving it.