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Manic Panic

Flashlightning Bleach Kit


Danni S.
Cruelty free and works wonders

I recommend this! Really good power for the price. Remember, begin from the ends then bleach roots last. Also if you have dark hair this bleach won't get you bottle bleach blonde on the first try you'll have to bleach wait a few weeks condition often and do it a few more times. This stuff takes your hair a noticeable shade lighter and it's the only hair bleach I have eer used and I'm happy with it! Make sure you havnt washed your hair for a few days before you bleach and it is in good condition y'all

Bry R.
Meh it's not that great.

I've never been too impressed with Manic Panic. Their dyes fade within a few days and their bleach isn't very strong. It seems to work great for some people but it just didn't work well for me at all.

Brandi L.
it wasn't for me
Brandi L.'s Review Image

it wasn't entirely the bleachs fault, but I did it over their manic panic raven to get it out and it actually turned it green. after bleaching it twice because the first time didn't take. it was over an hours worth of bleaching and I really got nowhere. I reccomend the clairol packets they carry at sallys mixed with their developer. much better result.