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Long Lasting Lipstick


Xiaohua W.


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Danit R.

I don't understand why this company is not all over the YouTube The products are amazing. The lipstick was smooth and long wearing. It didn't dry my lips at all and I loved the color. It is an every day nude pink color that can go with everything. I wish they had more color range I would definitely try more shades

Dora G.
Love this formula

This has become one of my favorite liquid lipsticks as it's very comfortable & the color was just beautiful - beige orange is a great nude ! It applies evenly and doesn't feel drying .. lasts at least 6 hours without needing a touch up . I was truly amazed by this formula !

Clare J.
No bueno

It's a gorgeous shade but unfortunately not worth the effort! Application was extremely difficult, it was a very thin consistency, incredibly patchy and streaky, the applicator doesn't pick up enough product so it requires a lot effort to try and get an even, opaque application. It took a long time to dry down and you had to very careful not to touch your lips until completely dry which was pretty annoying. To top it all off when it had dried, it settled into every line on my lips and crumbled off completely in less than an hour 😡 the formula was definitely better in one of the red shades I picked up, still not a big fan, but I would skip the beautiful raisin shade!

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luchie g.
Loved it, Hate it!
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I'm a huge fan of liquid lipsticks, Because they lasts all day and I don't need to reapply whenever I'm out or attending events. Got this product yesterday afternoon and I was so excited to try it on. First 2hrs, I'm freaking loved it! 4hrs later, It cracked on my lips. :( and the formula of this product kinda reminds me of MAC lipsticks which I hate! It burns on both side of my lips. :( Too bad! I would really want to love this liquid lipstick but I don't know... I'll give it a try again? Maybe...

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Lee S.
A "MUST" for lipstick lovers!!!
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If you're a lipstick lover like me and can NOT leave the house without having lipstick on, this product is worth trying! The applicator is well designed and enables you to create smooth or sharp lip lines. (Not as frayed as Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks.) Definitely has staying power and the colors are very true to their pictures. I love Kat Von D, and Jeffree Star liquid lips, but was always tired of them being out of stock. Now I have a new favorite liquid lipstick. Thank you Beautylish for carrying this high quality line!

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Luisa H.

I love it. OMG, the color, the texture, its very dry its, Just what I was looking for.. I am in love with this lipstick.

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Alicia H.
Move over, Jefree Star!

Just kidding - I am HUGE on matte liquid lipsticks right now and like everyone else, have been obsessing over Jeffree's coveted line. Second to his lipsticks of course are Kat Von D and Stila but sadly, if I wear any of them for too long my lips become terribly dry. Nude shades will just not work on me as it makes the dryness even more apparent.

I do know this is just my unfortunate nature of having dry lips year round, though, so I work around it and make sure to scrub and moisturize which does help a ton. I mean, I've been addicted to Burt's Bees since grade school and relate way too much to the scene in Napoleon Dynamite (you know which one - "well then can you bring me my chapstick?") so the struggle is real but if there's a will there's a way to rock a matte lip.

I am beyond impressed with this formula - when it says in the product copy that it is "flexible and comfortable" this is not an exaggeration. The formula literally bonds to your lips and dries to a silky finish rather than a taught feeling. You forget it's on even once it dries.

If you have dry lips or lips with a lot of lines, rest assured this formula actually almost creates it's own form over the lips blurring any of these imperfections. It's like a built in Instagram filter.

The wear time is amazing - it can easily last even after eating, although I do recommend a little touchup to avoid that "ring" that can happen with these formulas (it's inevitable) and instead of the "stucco effect" that happens if you apply another layer of liquid lipstick over an already dry layer, this lipstick actually goes on smooth and fresh. No need to sand off the top layer of your lip after lunch.

All the shades are slowly making their way to the top of my makeup bag starting with Beige Rose which is the absolute perfect nude for fair skin, Rouge Feu which is the perfect blue based red that literally ever person needs and Vermillion which is a beautiful tangerine-red that is bright enough for the perfect "pop" while still remaining subtle enough for everyday wear.

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