Step1 Skin Equalizer

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Angelica R.
Does exactly what it says!

I've never been one to seek out a primer that adds additional benefits other then making my foundation last longer, but when MUFE released this like of primers the one that stuck out to me the most is there hydrating one, and I'm in LOVE! It does exactly that while making my foundation not only apply and stay flawlessly, but when I go to take off my makeup, my skin looks and feels so revitalized and looks amazing! I will definitely be looking more into the other primers to experiment with!

Janine C.

This is the most amazing pore-filling primer! This replaced my previous HG smoothing primer and ever since I purchased this I've only been using it. I have combination skin and this isn't too drying for my dry areas or too dewy for my oily areas, it's just perfect. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to fill in pores and smooth the complexion.

Chastine C.

Perfect for all types of skin especially for the oily-skinned crowd like me! This primer finishes off with a matte result that will totally contradict with the oil which is perfect! It gives that smoothness that will make you want to feel your skin all the time and it stays for a long time, plus points for that! Lastly, it gives you that flawless look you want, it literally does the job for you, it conceals all your blemishes, pores, dark spots, you name it.

Doria  M.
Lightweight, texture blurring primer!

Generally I use a thicker silicone primer like Whip Hand's, but I found this to be a decent, lightweight alternative capable of smoother subtle to nearly moderate skin texture issues. I was a little surprised to find this formula had a beige tone, but found it easily blended into my complexion. I hve sensitive skin and even though this primer has a light fragrance, did not react. Someone with an incredibly fair or deep complexion may want to test it prior to buying just to make sure it blends into their complexion as nicely as I haven't had the chance to try it on either.

Andie M.
Best primer for non sensitive skin people..

So I agree with people who say these primers are AMAZING!! I have tried three out of the lot. The redness correcting, smoothing, & nourishing primers. I love using them all on certain areas of my face. The nourishing one right under my helps the creasing under my eye. I use the redness one on my cheeks because I have alot of acne scarring and redness. The smoothing primer(my favorite pore filling primer) on my nose and side of nose where large pores are at. You only need the smallest amount..a little goes a long way. I really love these primers and how they cater to everybody. I wish they had a sensitive primer because I do notice I breakout more when using these primers. Just little white heads that don't stay long but still.....haha.