Lab Shine Lip Gloss

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Joshua R B.
My favorite gloss!

This is one of the most pleasing out of all of the glosses I've used! The apricot fragrance is sweet and subtle, and the shade I use which is a Light Pearly Beige from the Star Collection, is very suitable for many shades and lasts for a really long time! The small brush applicator is ideal for building on the shine, however, the bristles are small lol so it can't really get down to the bottom of the tube when it's beginning to run out :( No stickiness, No runnyness, and very versatile since there are different opacities and textures. Diamond, for a sheer yet sparkly pout, Star for an in between opacity and shimmery pout, and Metal for a metallic, opaque, intense pout. You won't regret this purchase! Just remember to use it sparingly!

Jadyn  W.
Glossy not sticky

This is one of my favorite lip glosses! I love that it is smooth and not sticky/heavy on the lips. I love the giant shade variety. From diamond, to metallic, to star shine! These are some of the best lip glosses on the market! I will continually repurchase! They last a long time too! Love love love!

Jacquelyn J.

This lipgloss is amazing! I have both D8 and D12 and they are gorgeous colors! I love that it's not sticky and love how the Diamond one is sheer. I have yet to get the Star and Metal ones. I'm giong to purchase more of them when I go to Sephora in Vegas.

Mandy H.

I love this lip gloss because it's one that isn't as sticky as the others! It also has great pigmentation and it does have a subtle smell to it that isn't over powering. So if you would like the splurge a little bit on lip gloss, this is the one to get! :)

Vanessa F.

This gloss is to die for! The formula is great - not sticky or uncomfortable. It makes your lips look absolutely luscious. It has a great subtle - almost fruity - smell to it, but it's not overpowering at all. I have it in the color M16. This color is very versatile - it looks great on top of almost every lipstick. I love that it has a lip brush, rather than a doe foot applicator. It lasts a long time on my lips as well. It's one of the most expensive glosses I own (they retail at $18) but very worth it!