HD Microfinish Blush

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Mer C.
Small bottle big colour
Photo of product included with review by Mer C.

I have this in both #6 Quickie and #14 Star Struck. Originally what drew me to this product was actually the ad in Sephora for it, it was such a beautiful picture I immediately bought the blush listed in the ad to recreate the photo. (Which was Quickie) The blush comes in little pump bottles, and is very creamy, but beware press very very lightly as a lot tends to come out at once, and you end up wasting product, which is pretty much my only criticism about this product. Both colours are long lasting and it is highly pigmented, the colour isn't watered down. As for the price it is pretty reasonable, about $25US/$29CAN, and comes paraben free. Quickie is a pretty salmon pink colour akin to very flushed cheeks, and is very natural looking. Star struck is a pale peach (the blush used in the MUFE Rockstar ads) This is definitely my favourite of the two I love the way the pale pink colour looks on my skin and it is nice to see a paler blush colour. I usually apply this with a brush (Sephora’s I.T angled synthetic blush brush which is amazing for cream blushes) sometimes I do use my fingers and apply in a circular motion though blending isn’t as great with your fingers as is it with a brush, and afterwards I powder to set the blush. I am definitely planning on getting more for my kit, as this is quickly becoming one of my favourite cream blushes!

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Jennifer L.

This stuff is aaaaaaamazing. It's great for all skin types and tones. Half a pea size is good for both cheeks. This stuff is super super pigmented, thus the small bottle. It may look like you're getting ripped off, but it's actually a damn good deal.

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Nicole N S.

DEF. worth it's price, veryyyyyy looonnngggg lasting, sing the color goes a long way, i usually need a half a pump for both of my cheeks, more than that , or else i'd look like a clown, hahahhaha, anywho it's a great blush, loving itt!!!! <3

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Syreeta H.
Worth the Price, Should improve packaging

I love this product!!! BEWARE the pump can release large amounts (more than you'll use for one application) at a time of this product, so press the pump gently. Best applied with a flat brush (concealer OR foundation brush) or with your index finger. It blends beautifully and is you can build color to intensity desired. I would give this product a fully 5 stars if it wasn't for the packaging. Hopefully MUFE will change that in their future productions of this product.

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Daniel C.
Flirty color!

Perfect color for a bright, and flirty summer look! Goes great on any skin tone, and its a personal favorite since you can coordinate it with other cheek colors and highlights! It goes on smooth and beautiful, and you don't need a lot!

Amanda K.
beautiful, natural finish

i have colours 5 and 13, both are gorgeous. 13 is very bubblegummish.. i saw it and i knew i had to have it.. its like the first gaga viva glam.. its very unique and pretty! number 13 is more natural but just as gorgeous... you need very little product.. i like to put some on the back of my hand, then put about two spots of it low on each cheek, then use my stippling brush to blend. definitely a rebuy, although im sure it will last me ages!!

Cate E.
Love it!

A great product, especially for dry skin instead of a powder blush. It makes the skin glowy with a touch of colour. You only need a tiny tiny bit though for lots of colour and you have to blend it in really well. I apply it with my foundation brush so it has a bit of foundation left to make it less harsh.

Ryen Michelle S.
Very Pigmented

I love this color. Even though I'm African-American, I'm light. This wakes my face up when I'm having a dull day. I have oily skin, and this doesn't trigger it one bit. However I'm giving it a 4 because of the packaging. A little is all thats needed but the pump gives a lot

Althea N.
Just gorgeous

These are very pigmented and a little goes a long way. They are very smooth feeling on your skin, and I've noticed they have some serious staying power. It will probably take me months if not a year to go through the bottles I have. Make sure you use a very small amount or else you may end up looking like a clown!