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HD Invisible Cover Concealer


Jennifer T.
Conceals Like No Other

I have very purple, dark circles under my eyes. No matter how much sleep I get or how well-rested I am, they're there. This concealer, in this particular shade, has a color correcting property like no other product that I've found. Whether wearing this on top of/under your regular foundation or alone, this product delivers heavy-duty coverage that looks and feels natural. I could not love this product more!

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Jasmin A.
Best concealer I've ever used.

I almost didn't buy this product because of the price, but it is definitely worth the $30. I would love to use this concealer on a daily basis, but I don't think I can continuously spare the $30 twice every month. I usually use this concealer on the weekends or on week nights if i'm going out. I love how my color matches my skin perfectly. I can use the concealer by itself and not even use foundation/tinted moisturizer. I also like how it stays on for a good period of time. Coming from a girl who is acne prone and suffers from acne scars, I would definitely & highly recommend this product to others!

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Ryan S.
Love the applicator

I use this concealer specifically for under-the-eye area. I think the applicator fits nicely under the eye and applies product without wasting. It covers dark circles with minimum product. It lasts well considering the size. I will be purchasing it again when mine is out.

Huda A.
nice coverage

Love the coverage, love the fact that it doesn't show under ur eyes. Plus, it has an excellent color range It also stays on for a very long time llooovvvee iiittttt

Jes M.

like is not enough, I LOVE this product. When I bought it for my personal use, it became my holy grail concealer. It is AMAZING. It's not to thick and not too thin, it's the perfect cream concealer for great coverage. It does not cake up or become dry under the eyes. It also doesn't settle in my fine lines as much as other concealers. I finally bought all the colors for my kit and it is the best thing I did. I even had another MUA tell me they looked amazing as I was putting it on someone. They are expensive but I just can't go back to any other concealer, and I am not a fan of the packaging but IRS the not he worst either.

Stephanie O.

this product is so amazing i just ran out completely i need to go buy another one best concealer i've ever used forget MAC or any other store brand that i've tried this one does the job.

Pamela K.
Good for under eye

I bought this wanting a high end concealer and found that the pen design is pretty weak. Product leaks and you don't have very much to begin with. it blends well and does the job for me but I will probably get a more cost effective concealer after I run out.

Jam P.
Amazing...but not enough for Money

The consistency and color is amazing and I'd still be using it, but it will suck up your money fast! I feel like the little girl in the commercial, "we want more, we want more..." someone who's budget conscious can't afford to continue to use it so it's been replaced by nars and amazing concealer.

Stephanie K.

I really love the coverage of this, and it does last for a while, I just wish they would either make a bigger version of this or somehow get more product into this size.

Rillie J.

ive heard a lot about make up forever.. n i wanted to try out their concealer... its does the job well... i dont really need a lot of things to cver up but for the things i do it helps it cover it up.. the only thing that i dont like about it is the container i guess thats its in.. i dont like how its comes out... but other than dat its a good concealer.