Backstage Collector Bag

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Stephany M.

Something i can use i would so love to have this i would have lots of fun with all that makup oh yeah!! My friends would be jelly haha

Pamela  C.

!!!!!!loveee itt wish I had it I would die for LOL looks like a Fab bag!! I recommend any girl who loves make up you must buy and get it would knock you off your feet! Like I said I wish I had!!, (:

Mademoiselles M.

I love a tote bag Since I will take everything but the kitchen sink, I like carrying around a lot of stuff with me.

So ogled over this for a while.

Shawn K.

I have not used it caught my eye with how it is one quick kit with all you need makeup heaven ,I like how you can grab it and travel pretty bag ,fab colors well rounded thumbs up.

Rikesha C.

I've never used this but it looks and sounds amazing! Every girl who loves. makeup, would totally love it! I wish i had something like this! It has a lot of different makeup u can use each day!!!! The cool thing is u don't have to keep wearing the same shades everyday! U can mix and match!! To me that's always a huge plus!