Aqua Lip Waterproof Lipliner Pencil


Lindsay L.
Great for lips AND brows

I use this for my lips when I wear Red lipstick (matches UD's lipstick in 69) and when I dye my hair red, I use it as a brow pencil. It smudges on your brow easily, but stays put on your lips.

A must have for any lipstick wearer or crazy dye job!

Christany J.

Definitely a, "Your Lips But Better" HG product if you are med/tan skintone like me! Not only is the color gorgeous but it has pretty great staying power, and minimal transferring. Perfect!

Bethanie H.

Best red lip liner in the whole wide world forever and ever amen. It's a little pricey but definitely worth it. I bought it back in 2009 and didn't use it for a whole 2 years (because I didn't wear red lipstick in that period of my life), and half the time it was even cap less, BUT IT DID NOT DRY OUT. I use it very frequently to this day and love it every time. It stays on super long too!

Courtney T.
Stay strong

Over the year I have really fallen in love with wearing lipstick. With wearing lipstick you worry about it wearing off or feathering, so finding the right liner is key. I really like things that have all-day stay power & are low maintenance. These lipliners do that for me. It stays on all day I don't touch up once, even with eating a couple meals through out the day. It doesn't make my lips feel dry which is something I tend to have a problem with when wearing lipsticks. This is one product I'll continue to purchase.

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Melissa F.
Great Color

I have a few of this liner pencils and they truly are waterproof for me. I can put it on in the early morning and it will not come off until I take it out with some oil based product. It is really fun to put a color like the 8c under a bright pink gloss for dimension. My other complaint is that the formula can be drying. I usually put a wax based lip balm underneath and moisturizing product on top. I wish they could make the product less drying without losing the color.

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