Majolica Majorca

Long Rush Frame Plus Expander Mascara

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Mandy H.
Best mascara for Asian eyelashes!

I was so happy when I was finally able to get my hands on this when I went to Hong Kong this past May and I'm even happier that it works for my tiny asian eyelashes! At first it didn't work out for me just because I didn't know how to use the brush -___- ( apparently I was using the side for volume instead of lengthening ) The side that looks like a comb really helps with making your eyelashes look longer then it should which is great :) I think this is slowly becoming one of my holy grail mascara. If you're like me and have the typical short, straight asian eyelashes then I highly recommend you pick one of these up and try it out :)

Sammi W. Team
great mascara

A great lengthening and plumping mascara... perfect for everyday use, and doesn't cause lashes to fall back down! I love how Asian mascaras "get" that our puny lashes can't stand up to some formulas. Also, love the adorable packing and comb brush (really separates every lash)

Aira N.
I adore this.

My lash type: Medium in length, but alas, it is still closer to the shorter side. My lashes can get quite unruly and were once hard to curl but now is fairly good with that.

Price: - anywhere from 15 - 25USD depending where you order it (w/o tax) - I purchased mine from a small online shop for $18.

Packaging: - It should come in a plastic case with some ridging if I can remember correctly. There are some English & Japanese instructions on it. - It comes in the most adorable plastic black and gold bottle. - There is a cute little Majolica Majorica (part of the Shiseido Company) seal or button at the top of the wand.

What makes it different than other mascaras: The wand - The wand is a plastic paddle with two edges. One for volume and the other for lengthening. - The volume side: has wide, rounded ridges to help spread the product over the lashes. - The lengthening side: has a small, narrow toothed comb to help adhere the fibers to each lash without clumping. - The flat, paddle sides of the brush help me push the product into my lashes as well as help hold the curl.

Quality and Formula: - This is a fiber mascara. I highly recommend investing in a heated eyelash curler for any fiber mascara. - It applies more like a lash lacquer than a mascara, so if you do not have a heated eyelash curler, you MUST curl your eyelashes prior to applying this. Curling your eyelashes afterwards will make them stick straight up or cause obvious cornered indents on your lashes. - The formula of this product makes it dry on the lashes pretty fast so that the fibers can adhere. - This will keep a curl. - If your lashes have to feel very soft and natural, this probably is not the product because there is an obvious firmness when I touch my lashes with this. However, it makes my lashes look more natural and fluttery than with regular mascaras.

Would I recommend this? - Yes, I would.

FaFire S.
Everything Proof Mascara

It's not just water proof, it's everything proof mascara! You really need an eye makeup remover for removing it, the normal makeup remover won't work. You can be carefree about mascara smearing when using this