Macadamia Natural Oil

Nourishing Leave-In Cream


Nikki S.

After a friend let me use a little of the leave-in cream and the oil, I started to get heaps of comment of how nice my hair was and how it felt so soft. I instantly needed to buy it. I first brought the leave-in cream and I was using it every day. It was nice at first but I soon realized that it was very heavy in my hair and I didn't like the feeling of it there. I still use it heaps but more of a hair mask. On days where I am spending the whole day at home, I apply it in the morning after a shower and leave in it until my night shower. It works even better if you wear it to bed and shower in the morning. It will make your hair feel and smell great the whole day.

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Stephanie L.
Great leave-in

For my hair type, which is course and dry, this leave in is pretty decent. I like to mix about a nickel- quarter size amount of this and add a pump of the Macadamia Healing Oil to it to add more moisture. They really work great together. I usually just use these two then let my hair air dry and it doesn't look or feel like I put any product in just soft shiny hair. I use to use just Redken Anti-Snap which I still love but only use on my ends and focus on where my hair was previously bleached, but it didn't seem to be moisturizing enough for my whole head. After falling in love with the Macadamia Oil itself, I decided to try out the leave-in and glad I did.

Janis W.
Shampoo & Conditioner

I haven't tried this Leave-In conditioner but I've been using the shampoo and conditioner and I'm already in love! My hair feels so much more healthier, and I love the smell.

Soraya T.
Love it

- Smells Great - Moisturizes your hair - You'll had shiny and soft hair. - A little bit pricy

Summary: Like I said for the Mask the Live-in Conditionner is one of the best, even if you have to spend a little more, it really worth it. If you want to repair your hair it's my GO TO BRAND ( I have all their products: Shampoo, Mask, Live-in Conditionner, Healing oil, Gloss Mist & even the wide tooth comb...) I'm definitely a huge fan of this brand!!

Kimberley H.
This leaves such a shiny finish

I love all the macadamia products they all leave a flawless shiny finish in your hair. this product leaves a silky soft feel and a radiant shine, i <3 macadamia x

Erica I.
It's okay but not worth the money.

This product left my hair feeling sticky and greasy even when I would use just a pea sized amount for all of my hair. It smells great but there are other products that are way cheaper and work a lot better.

Katie V.

I love the macadamia natural oil line, so I was eager to try the rest of the products. But after using this, combined with the shampoo-I was not as pleased as I thought I would be. I feel as though there are many other products that can give me the same results (good, but not amazing), for a lot cheaper! I wouldnt buy again.

Arielle T.
There are cheaper products that do the same thing

I like to use a leave in conditioner because I do have dry hair. I prefer a cream to a spray so in this case this is better than sprays. However, I didn't notice a change for the better in my hair from using this. It does help with tangles but that's about it. There are drugstore cream leave in conditioners that are a lot less expensive and perform the same or better.