Strobe Liquid

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Sidory D.
Good, but must know how to use!

This product may have been re-developed since the days of earlier Mac. I use it to create a dewy and subtle finish to skin. Will not flatter skin used alone all over and not great for oily skin types. The key is to use this in moderation and in the required areas or just in the high plains of the face. Some of the time, I have mixed it with a liquid foundation to give me the soft lights finish to the skin.

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Kathryn D.
This is your dewy tool

Somehow, this feels like the least well know highlighting product out there. But it is truly amazing, especially for lighter skintones since it has a white, pearlescent finish.

You can apply this in a gazillions way - mix it in with foundation or tinted moisturizer, or apply it afterwards by patting your fingers or with a flat brush. I'd taken to the latter to get a really diffuse finish, and use it between tinted moisturizer and blush.

I guess you could use this all over your face but I think the best way to use it is just where you really want to highlight.

Marina M.
Perfect for dewy look

I love Strobe Liquid! It is amazing stuff to mix with a liquid or cream foundation. In the beginning I had to try a bit to get the right amount of the product, taking too much (= more than half a pump) looks very nice and beautyfully glowing, BUT after 2 hours my combi skin starts to shine on the forehead. Btw on the days after Retin A application my skin is rather dry in the T-zone too, so I can take a bit more of Strobe. I use it with Mac Pro-Longwear and with Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H foundations. Higly recommend!

Sarah R.
Just enough

This is awesome under foundation as a primer to add a nice glow, as a highlighter and my favorite I put a little blush on add the strobe to my cheekbones blending downwards then add a little more blush over some of the Strobe. It just makes your skin look radiant!

Myrna P.
Love it

I absolutely love love love this product. One of my everyday and all time favorites. Was skeptical at first but it is so pretty and natural. Need no foundation, at least for me personally. Throw on nude lipgloss like boy bait and mascara and good to go.

Oz Z.

This is one of my favorite MAC products. A staple in my kit both for beauty and for fashion. You can do a lot with it. I once achieved a 'plastic' look for a fashion shoot but applying layer upon layer of this. It photographed beautifully. Its amazing as a radiance boosting product as well. If you're feeling a little drained and want to inject a bit of brightness to your skin, apply a bit of the Strobe cream will bright life back to skin. Mixing it with a foundation will create an illuminating, healthy look. Using it as an illuminating primer also allows your foundation/tinted moisturizer to stay on longer and give a healthy glow to the skin. An absolute must-try

Jacqueline A.
Its growing on me...

I bought this product a few months ago, used it a couple of times and put it back in the drawer... But after a recent clear out I have started using it again and I am finding that it definitely helps my makeup stay on longer and I feel that my skin looks much more 'glowy' than before. I prefer the new MAC BB cream though as it has a bit of colour to it.