Quite Cute Mineralize Blush

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Smashley S.
Ehhhhhh... not that awesome.

I like the idea of this blush, and I really thought they would be more colorful, I should say. I loved the colors in the pot, and each of them made me all happy and excited to have them. But each time I would swatch them or try to put them on, they never showed up. I builded and builded but I never got lucky enough I guess, these just did not show up on my skin... disappointment :( However, I believe if you had medium/dark skin they might show up better. I did like the little heart and the packaging though, so I gave a few extra hearts for that ;)

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Stephanie M.

i bought the orange colored one with the green heart in the middle, and i wasnt impressed whatsoever. when i swatched it on my hand it had a gorgeous shimmer but when i put it on my face it barely looked on!! i was so upset because it wasnt worth what i paid and i could have gotten a much more pigmented blush. instead i just use a regular blush and swipe a little of this on if the blush is too pink.

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Cassandra M.
Giggly is my FAVORITE blush!

I have both Sakura (the purple one) and Giggly (pink w/ purple heart), and I love them both! The quite cute collection was one of the best collections MAC has came out with in a very long time, in my opinion. I do like Giggly a lot more, it's the PERFECT bubblegum pink blush. And unlike a lot of other mineralize blushes, I find that one does not have as much chunky glitter. It has subtle shimmer and gives my cheeks the perfect bubblegum pink color while slightly giving them a glow. I adore this blush, it's been the only blush I've been using since it came out ! :)

Cellulardream d.
Great blush

Good mineral finish I love how I can built on it to get a pretty heavy blush if I want.

Plus the color is so fun! Goes great with my purple eye shadows.

Toni C.
Very good blush

I really like these blushes! I have Sakura (which is the purple one) and its soo pretty. I was worried when i first bought it, because its purple, but leaves your skin very glowy and gives your cheeks a nice natural flush. Very bulidable.

Maddie E.

I have the lighter pink with the dark pink heart blush, and I think it's a gorgeous color. It gives me a "doll" effect, and it is well pigmented. I wouldn't recommend this for people with darker skin tones, since this is such a light shade blush.

Linda D.

Personally I didn't expect much when I bough this blush. I only purchased it just because I thought it was too cute to pass up haha. When I swatched it at the MAC counter it was extremely sheer and powdery. Even though it is very sheer it is very buildable. I use this on days when I'm going light with my make up. Gives my cheeks just a hint of color. To apply this I use a flat top kabuki. Makes the application easy and builds fast.