Pro Eye Makeup Remover


Brunetterapunzellife B.

I wanted to buy a makeup remover to remove a really stubborn waterproof mascara. While this does an AMAZING job disintegrating the mascara and completely removing my eyeshadow. It didn't completely remove the mascara from my eyelashes. However, this makeup remover is FABULOUS for doing quick touch ups for your eyeshadow looks because it can remove fallout or correct little mistakes without leaving a greasy residue and you can IMMEDIATELY apply makeup on top of it. I also adore the teeny hole at the top. It's perfect for putting remover at the tip of a Q-Tip. I wish other makeup removers had a smaller hole for the remover! This way, if I accidentally tip my bottle over I don't lose 3/4 of product.

Daisy D.
ok but not my fav

I got the little one in a gift pack from hubby. But I found this formula too strong for me. Does the job well but still prefer the Delicate eye one more.